Is it safe to park my truck in circle for 10 days



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  • Is it safe to park my truck in circle for 10 days

    I was wondering if there had been any problems up there

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    not normally, it is one of those end of the road places where every one knows what is going on... if you have any trouble it will likely come from the person that parked next to you.
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      I wouldnt

      I have a good friend who lives in Central, he says he wouldnt leave anything parked there, your asking for issues


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        That is a big NEGATIVE ghost rider! There are people just waiting for some sucker to park there and leave, then, there goes your gas, tires, etc. and what ever else the scoundrals take steal/trash. :mad:


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          Different views....hunters vs. fishermen?!!

          I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


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            I have never had any problems with parking my truck there or around there for a week at a time, but its been a couple years since i have been up there.


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              Thats a shame. what happen to the older days when no one messed with your stuff? We used to hunt chicken alot. I would leave 20 gallons of gas in the bed, etc and it would still be there after we came out. One time I left a camera sitting on the side of my truck bed, came back and it was still there.

              thieves really tick me off.


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                I was up there 2 years ago for a 8 day moose hunt and the guy I was with left his truck there with no troubles. There were quite a few vehicles there and didnt look like any of them had been broke in to. I wouldnt leave any thing real valuable there, but wouldnt worry too much.
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