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  • Looking for info on DS125 hunt

    As stated above, looking for info regarding DS125, which I was lucky to draw, 7th year applying, I just think sheep 24-7 though, unfortunate for my wife!

    I'm just looking for any info on the hunt, I know the unit, did the harvest research, have researched access points. But I have only been in the area on day hikes in the summer. Just looking for any hunting and location tips. Talked to Rick S and they area has not been flown for a couple years, so looking for a starting point.

    As soon as it gets clear the plan is to get in there as much as possible over the summer, but any past hunting experience in the area would be greatly appreciated, and info on sheep numbers. Feel free to PM. I can also help with my post season research.

    It's a hunt of a lifetime for me so I'm putting in all I have to condition and prepare, any additional info the forum can provide would help me greatly


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    OK, I'll be the first to say it. You'll get MUCH better answers on here if you describe where the DS 125 hunt is located as most people will skip over your post without a location description as they don't care to take the time to go to the ADF&G website and find out. Kind of like posting an add in the classifieds, if you don't post the price most will pass right over.

    Put I'll give ya a by on this one

    DS 125 is 14(C), Northeast

    Here is a link to the hunt area map.



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      Okay, thanks for posting the link, additionally its the same unit for DS124 and DS126, and is also in the later DS139 unit as well.

      We are talking the Hunter creek drainages, Troublesome Creek lake George area.


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