black bear on the kenai



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  • black bear on the kenai

    I have seen two bears this week down here and both times didn't have my gun. Going back out tomorrow in hopes of getting first one of the year

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    What parts of the kenai have you been seeking them?


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      I seen one driveing home from coopper landing and one in kasilof


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        Black Bear

        I do know ADFG Soldotna sealed a big blackie the other day. Skull over 18"! And fur to die for. Was an old boar out early, had worn down and some missing teeth.


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          Originally posted by hapkidoboy
          I'm driving down tomorrow morning... Still seeing bears? I'm trying to decide if I should bring a rifle. Incidentally, is it fundamentally wrong to shoot a blackie with a .223?
          nope!!!!! grab a good 55 grain Ballistic tip and dang .. oyur good to go. they have small bones, thin skin, and easy to kill..
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            hey thanks for the update

            saw grizzum tracks today near knik river crossing....incidentally, i also saw newborn moose calf tracks within a 1/4 mile of each other....this is the same bear we think we have been seeing sign of for the last 6 years....we never have seen him, really thick brush and a huge area.... mostly we've seen his tracks along the edge of the palmer gravel pits next to the knik/matanuska river delta, but have seen the same tracks following late run silvers up an unnamed creek that crosses thru the area 5 or 6 foot miles away...that area is just endless seems like, its our favorite place to hunt ducks on opening day.

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              bear bullits

              No prob if you shoot him through both lungs. Gurgle-gurgrrrrle and its over.

              On the Kenai, I hunt high on south facing slopes with fresh "baby" green grass...and in May.

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