Johnson's Pass Black Bear Hunt



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  • Johnson's Pass Black Bear Hunt

    Has anyone hunted Johnson's pass trail for Black Bear? I'm thinking of doing a spring pack in hunt. Any info is appreciated.


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    Also considering resurrection pass. Any info?


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      What happened to your idea about going north off the Parks? That sounded like a good idea to me.


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        I'm still looking into it. I'm speaking to a biologist monday about hunting off the parks. I'm looking for a backup plan incase it doesn't work out. I will be in Anchorage tomorrow and plan on speaking to fish and game there about the Kenai penninsula.


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          It's been a while

          I hunted it years ago with a friend, and we took a seven-footer in there. But it was a fall hunt and the bear was up high in the berries. Long hike in, about seven miles if I remember correctly. Still, it's cheap.

          BTW, the photo was from back before I started coloring my hair...

          Hope it helps!

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            I hunt Resurection Pass trail. I have not hunted Johnson Pass. Both those places hold a lot of snow. Depending on how early you plan on hunting them you may want to think about snow shoes.
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              I've hunted in Johnson Pass area for Black Bear. They're up there, hike back in a little ways, look for where the snow is receeding and the new grass is coming out of the ground. Also, if you can get down close to the river where there might be cottonwood trees, look up in the trees. The bears climb them and eat the new buds.


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                Originally posted by ARKY View Post
                Both those places hold a lot of snow.
                Not to mention they are very slidey, expecially during breakup.


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