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    I'm hoping to hunt in Alaska, but considering the economy I will be sticking to the cheaper hunts. Any advice or information on hunting wolves/wolverine?? I have relatives in Alaska and go up for the salmon runs every summer.

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    For most hunters, wolves and wolverines are opportunistic targets. For all except the most skilled wolf hunters, they tend to be something you just happen across instead of something you intentionally target with much success. I'd bet that the vast majority of wolves killed under a hunting license (as opposed to a trapping license) are killed when the hunter is targeting other species but comes across a wolf. As for wolverines, the same is true except to a much larger degree. I've been hunting for most of my 30 years, and I have seen two wolverines in the wild, neither of which I had a shot at. That's it. Some folks have seen more, but it's not exactly the type of species that you can go looking for. They're very reclusive and live in relatively low densities, so it's not a good species for a primary target.

    If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive Alaskan hunt with good chances of success, I think your best bet would be black bear.


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      I hate to say it, but this guy targeted wolverines with great success. I'm thinking his claim of 50 in 1 year may be a bit of an exaggeration though.

      Here is the link


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        Brian is giving you solid advice concerning black bear. Of all the Alaskan species, that is the one that can probably be done with the best chance of succes and the fewest dollars invested...followed by sitka blacktail. Caribou is another species with good chance for non-resident success, but your financial investment will be greater than with black bear or deer.

        However, Brian does need to check his wolverine facts. Clearly there is a region of Alaska that can produce high daily volumes of "12 gauge wolverines"!
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          Black Bears

          Given a choice of what to target, I wouldn't be looking for wolverines. My vote goes along with Brian - black bears.


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