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  • Flying to Dillingham

    So in May......I'm flying to Dillingham to check out the scene and to discuss future employment and permanent residence. If all goes well....I will soon change my location from Los Anchorage to Dillingham. The darn place and everything north of it looks to be my mecca! Anyone on this forum live out that way? Great bag limits, greating "free to roam and shoot" hunting regs, lakes and rivers chock full of fish...........heaven on earth IMO and I haven't even been there yet.

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    call me

    I lived in Aleknagik for 5 years. It's 30 miles N. of DLG. PM me and I'll give you my #. You can call me and I'll tell you all about it. You're right though. It's an awesome place to live. Lots to hunt, fish, and trap.


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      Goaty is right...

      ... but are you a family man?

      I lived there for 13 years, and enjoyed most of it. Not the best of places to raise kids however.


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        Spending lots of time there in the past year I've found, but not full time resident: to actually get out of town to hunt or fish, unless dip neting, you will need to have a boat, plane, and sled in the winter. Otherwise not much of a road system except to the lake and then once there you would still need a boat or sled to get anywhere, otherwise nothing would be assecable. Should you have a boat, plane or sled you are right it would be a sportsmens paridise with lots of exslporing. Otherwise a nice quite and clean place to hang out. Please remimber, I'm not a full time resident only a visitor and this was only my findings. In all, nice place with good freindly poeple.


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          I lived there 8 years. You'll need a jet boat, sno-go's and an airplane to take advantage of everything the area has to offer and I agree with Sayak not the best place to raise kids.


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            One of the other forum members who lives there says you have to let at least one animal go per year to get Karma. I'm assuming that only applies in the DLG area.
            Yea, like the others say, get a boat and snogo.
            I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
            I have less friends now!!


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              Thanks for your responses. That is what Alaska should be in my opinion.....where you have to have a boat, snowmachine, or a plane to get around. I have two freight canoes that I've been doing the majority of my hunting and fishing with in the spring, summer, and fall. They may not be Jet driven but I've gone through some real shallow stuff with them. Us freighter guys use lifts when the going gets shallow. I can run the prop in about 6 inches of water when the going gets shallow. It works great on the rivers and pushes a moose up current just fine. The going is slow (20 mph), but they sure do fill my freezers with meat and fish. As for sleds, we have a Polaris Widetrack, and the wife wants a new Tundra. I feel that Anchorage isnt the place that I want my kids to grow up either. All of you who lived there must have some great memories of hunting and fishing.


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                I grew up in DLG and still spend as much time as I can out there in the summer/fall for the hunting and fishing. I agree its a cool place and would love to be a year round resident again but it would be tough with the job that I have now. I would have to agree with everybody elses posts about needing a boat,sled or plane. I feel you would have very limited outdoor access (to the good spots anyway) if you did not have access to one or more of these transportation options (I think a jet boat would be the best). While I had a blast growing up in DLG (long time ago) I have heard things have changed and a few families have left for that reason. Have fun on your visit this May!


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                  So did the trip go....?


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