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    Leaving for Kodiak on Thursday and was wondering if anybody had any info on this area. We'll be flying in to Lake 629 at the head waters of Browns lagoon and I am curious as to the suitability of camping around the lake and if there might be trees tall enough to hoist meat or should we get another fence to help ward off the brown fuzzies.

    Thanx, BR

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    There are a couple nice camping spots at the end of 629 lake protected in the trees & the trees are tall enough to hang meat. More than likely it will only be a base camp as it is a good hike up the hill & as the week goes on & you start to get tired & wet you will want a spike camp higher & closer to the goats.


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      Lake 629

      This might not be the best spot for a good billy--especialy this late in the year. If you want to PM me for my phone number, I'll give you some thoughts on this drainage and places I've seen exceptional billies.
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        Thanks for the info... we plan on doing most of the hunt off our backs but we are planning on throwing the AO up in a nice place in case the weather turns to crud.

        How's the deer in that area. We'll be there for 10 days so hopefully we can get a few of those as well.



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          hunted this area 2nd week of Sept of this year. Took two goats and one fine buck. We hunted out of the lake known as SpirZach. Chose not to hunt out of 629 because it is one heck of a ball buster to get to where the goats are from that lake. Saw dozens of goats on the mountain above 629. They were up at around 3500ft+ and it looked pretty darn steep. Through the spotter it looked like they were mostly nanny's and kids...logical. The deer hunting in this area was poor. The deer we shot was the only one we saw.

          Good luck....let us know how it went.


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