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    I'm heading up to Delta for a Bison and wanted input on what would be the best bullet to use. I'm hunting with a 375 H and H. Any thoughts from anybody who hunted bison before or just your two cent on the type you think will work the best. Thanks

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    My wife drew this permit this year also. We had orientation on the 9th. We scouted around a bit and we will be headed up next week to try to do some hunting. We are both shooting .375's w/ 270 swift a-frames. I havent shot a Bison with one yet but i have only recovered one of these, from a moose and it was a quartering towards me shot. It broke the facing shoulder, a rib behind that, got both loungs, broke a far back rib on the other side and slid down under the skin where it was recovered. It was laser ranged @ 255 yards. The bullet, after the blood was cleaned off, retained 269.1 gr. (only lost .9 gr.s).

    Good luck
    Best of the outdoors!


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      I'm no expert on bullet selection, but I will say this from my experience bison hunting - Don't shoot the shoulder and ruin the meat just to knock down the animal. At least in my experience, such a shot isn't necessary. They are HUGE animals, but the one I shot dropped like a ton of bricks when I took out its heart. It would be a shame to lose even a pound of that fine bison meat when its not necessary. I know some advocate breaking the shoulder on large game, but I would just take a heart/lung shot on a bison. Mine was a really large bull, and he didn't take more than 2 steps.



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        I drew on a Bison a few years back. I took mine with my 300 win mag using 200gr factory ammo. From an estimated 30-50 yards I ended up taking a head shot (she wouldn't turn) right between the eyes. She dropped like a frieght train hit her. We recovered the bullet from the back of the skull, but since I don't reload I couldn't tell you how much weight it retained.

        Good luck! Excellent meat BTW!
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          I took mine last year with a .338 using 225 gr Aframes. Two shots, one in the lungs, the second in the back of the head.

          Agree with the other posters, don't ruin any of that fine meat with a shoulder shot.


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            B M -- I didnt tell him to shoot it in the shoulder

            I was using an example for how strong the bullets are. That is just the way my moose, this year, worked out.


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              I wasn't saying that you did, AK4Life. I've heard others suggest it, though, so I wanted to throw that out there. It wasn't directed at your comment at all. Sorry if it seemed like it was.



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                B M -- thanks

                Thanks for clearing that up!

                with all this rain-- i think cabin fever (grouchiness) is coming early ,but excuses are like @$$ h0!e5- everyone has one


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