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  • On-line vs. Paper Applications

    My brother and I were talking about this the other night, and it got me thinking - so I thought I'd throw this out there to the rest of you.

    What got us talking is the fact that my brother and other family members have won many drawing permits over the past few years, while my wife and I haven't won much. All of the rest of my family applies for their drawing permits via the paper applications, whereas I do the on-line application. I can't imagine there is actually a connection here - I figure it's just luck of the draw - but it got me curious as to what the experiences have been for the rest of you.

    I apply on-line and have not won a permit in the last 3 years
    I apply on-line and have won at least one permit in the past 3 years
    I apply with the paper application and have not won a permit in the last 3 years
    I apply with the paper application and have won at least one permit in the last 3 years

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    In all the times I have put in for a drawing hunt it was done by paper. From those applications I have never drawn a single hunt. I have lost all interest in my donations and have been forced to rely on the areas I hunt during the general season.


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      both, but.....

      I apply for the local federal subsistence moose hunt on paper and was drawn two years ago.

      I apply for the state drawings online and haven't won anything in the last three years, but I only apply for a couple hunts and they are low percentage draws, so my success rate doesn't mean much. If I get drawn....COOL! If I don't, there's lots of other opportunities to hunt that I make good use of.
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        Since 1992 I have won permits via both methods. I always submit early in the application period. Don't know if that makes a difference but it makes me comfortable. One thing I like about the on-line application is the confirmation email
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          I've drawn hunts both ways. Since they've had the online, I have used that exclusively and haven't seen a bit of difference in results. With the confirmation I don't have any heartaches. Another plus is you have to get it right in order for it to accept it. I've seen a number of people find out after doing the paper thing, end up not getting anything because they failed to put something down...even signing..geeze. I also like the option of reporting online.



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            Only 30% have not gotten a permit in the last 3 years? Now I really feel like a loser. Thanks for the tip. I am going to fill mine out in that sparkly ink this year and mail it to see if it makes a difference.
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