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  • Stolen: World Record Brown Bear Skull

    HOME ROBBERY, a disturbing event many of us think will never happen to us. Although the reality is it has happened to many innocent people. Wednesday, October 4, 2006 a person/s broke into my parents Hillside home nestled in a nice quiet neighborhood. Obviously things of monetary value were stolen, but the most important items stolen were of personal value. One item in particular belonging to my father, an avid hunter, was his most prized trophy the skull of his Boone & Crocket and Safari Club world record Alaskan brown bear. This item is obviously irreplaceable and it broke my heart when I heard it'd been taken because of all the pride it brought my father. No matter how many times I have heard him tell the story I have never tired of it. Other items included my great grandfather's 1924 pocket watch, my grandmother's wedding ring, most of my mom's jewelry, and even a special coin someone had engraved with the brown bears measurements, and much much more. Most of the items are just things and can be replaced, however, it is strange not seeing the bear skull in it's usual spot. Any information, any at all may help. I would love to see the skull back in the hands of my father where it belongs.

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    some people just flat out suck ...

    no frickin' respect ...

    I hope things work out and all items are returned to the rightful owner ...


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      World Record

      Don't take this the wrong way, it is out of pure curiosity and I'm not questioning your story. Why does Boone and Crockett list that the World Record brown bear skull is kept at the Los Angeles County Museum?
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        SCI and B&C records are different.
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          I'd love to spit some beechnut in that dude's eye...

          and shoot him with my old 45!

          There are things in life that make a man "whole" and only that man may know of them. This was obviously something so special that it was a part of his son and probably others. What a sad story. I hope your father's things turn up.



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