4 year old blackie = average?



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    A four year old bear is a pre-teen aged bear. I have two over 15 years old, one 7' and the other real close. The year I took the one that was 15, there were about 10-12 other bears taken on PWS that were older. One sow was 26 and another sow was 24. The oldest boar was 19 or 20.

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      Sow vs Boar

      Don't try to guess by looking at that Sow ... I checked on her age and she was 29 years old. There has only been a few taken in units 1 and 2 that old and only one at 30 years old. Most of those older Bears that have been tagged are Sows ....

      Mostly you can tell Boar from Sow by size and just the blocky type head and face ... similar to a Lab Dog ... normally you can tell just by looking but not always .. and hunter who says that they have never been fooled has not done that much Black Bear hunting. At times Blacks can be very hard to sex and size.

      Once again on the age of a 4 year old ... that is a young Bear ... last season the Bear we took were 14, 15, 15, 16 and yes a 4 year old .... oops !!!!!! but the 4 year old had an 18+ skull .... just like DonV's ... POW Island gots the 'jug heads' !!!!!
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        Gotta say though... those 3-5 yr old bear are what we get up here on a regular basis... and they are PERFECT for the kids to cut their teeth on.....

        and for me to not wear mine out... Dang good eating. we dont see the older ones till fall time. during the blue berry season...
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