wal-mart stops gun sales in some locations



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  • wal-mart stops gun sales in some locations

    I am in Arkansas managing some land for this deer and duck season and was told by a hunter that the nearest wal-mart no longer carried guns only ammo.....the clerk said this was in the future for all the wal-marts....I hope this is from lack of sales and not pressure from the anti-gun folks, going to check further as they can be handy, not the best but handy for sure.

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    wm gun sales

    Only the stores that were in the top 10% of gun sales will continue to sell them for now. I hope this doesn't change. All Alaska stores will continue selling for the time being. Eric


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      Only the stores that were not making any money on guns quit selling them. Guns don't sell as well in NYC as they do in Anchorage. This move only affected about 1200 stores nationwide.


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        Cali Walmarts

        California walmarts stopped selling guns about 3 years ago. Nice thing was you could get some killer deals cause they were trying to sell off there inventory. Glad I was in the right place at the right time.


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          Where in Arkansas?

          I am from there and go back once or twice or more a year. Do you duck hunt also? My farm is in western Arkansas...Hope to buy one in east Arkansas in the future..might have to wait until I win the lottery at the current land prices...LOL.
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            calndux from ark

            this property is on the edge of the city limits of Little Rock near Pinnacle Mtn. in the valley. I don't duck hunt but have several duck hunters as the farm is also on the Arkansas River. Good white tail, turkey, ducks however it is so dry like never before. Prefer texas and mexico but made my living in Arkansas.....where in western ark are you looking??? jd


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