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    I am a student at UAA as well as an avid outdoorsman. I am taking a technical writing class which requires me to write several feasability/recommendation reports that are very formal and detailed. For my semester project I had the choice of choosing between the topics of "Is a local area network feasible for Carrs?" or " What is a workable management plan for the moose population in Anchorage?" Guess which one I picked.
    My primary proposal for dealing with the increasing moose numbers in our area is to expand the Chugach hunt and implement an all out open season on moose in the general area for the extent of the regular September duration. I have begun researching this topic online and mainly through the adf&g website. The sources seem to be very limited with the exception of a few tentative proposals and how other communities have dealt with this issue. I was hoping that through the forum I could obtain some great ideas from the individuals who know this issue the best. So if you are interested, let me know what you think. What problems do you forsee with the over abundance of moose in our community good or bad? Anything from increased bear activity to vehicle collisions. What solutions would you propose to aid the problem or do you think there is a problem at all? Are we doing enough to address this issue? Any Ideas are fair game and any comments will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to formally cite any information divulged and provide you with a copy of the report at your request.
    Thank you all

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    anchorage Moose

    I really don't think you'll get anywhere with the hunt idea,but you might think about transplanting moose into units that are depressed and have a wolf program in effect,it doesn't take alot of cows to produce over time,what would normally take years and years to rebuild on it's own we could do in a couple good years. Food for thought....good luck
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      See if you can get data on moose attacks. A japanese man was killed by a cow at UAA (I think) several years ago. That was caught on film. I bet there's at least one attack every year during winter.
      Might also check with Anch PD on calls about moose complaints.
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        Check with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, school officials, Dept of Transportaion employees and pilots. All of these are good reputable sources of reliable info on incidents relating to wildlife in urban areas. Do not go to city planners, adfg or municipal govt, as they will simply give you the party line of how they envision a rose colored city with flowers, bears, moose and people coexisting without problems. Bottom line is they want to condition people to the wildlife's behaviorial patterns. Heck, they cant even deal with human behavior yet. Why should we think they will have success in teaching soccer moms to avoid putting out bird feeders or planting gardens and plants along thousands of miles of urban roads, that wildlife thrive on and are attracted to in great numbers. Good luck, as this is a monumental effort you have taken on. If you can, try to leave out the emotional aspects and limit yourself to the facts.
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          You could contact the Troopers and find out how many moose are hit by vehicles. People get injured and even killed. Not to mention the costs involved regarding vehicle repair, insurance, etc. In Montana where I am from they have huge problems with deer over population thus creating danger on the highways because of all the deer.
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            AKRes and I must have posted at the same time.... Ya, what he said!
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              Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

              An archery only, antlerless only, permit hunt in areas in or nearby town that dont get hunted otherwise (i.e. parks and greenbelts) might be a feasible solution. This method has been used with success in midwestern and eastern towns and cities to curb the deer population inside city limits. The best way to limit a population is to take out the breeding females. Killing bucks and bulls does not do it. Antlerless only also keeps the "headhunters" away. Obviously, the meat must be salvaged and I have read that in some areas, the meat must be donated to feed hungry people. I have personally seen this method work and have considered it myself for a small area of woods that I assisted in the management of in the midwest.

              Displacing the cows to areas hard hit by predators may sound good, but may not be cost effective. That would be expensive and would require lots of manpower, equipment and time. You would have to prove (to the public) that the costs of moving the moose is much less than the costs of damages, etc that the moose cause in town. Good luck. Once you have (if you can) proven that it is economically a good idea to transplant them, then you will likely have to fight the public (and maybe even wait for a vote) for the green light to do so. You would be proposing to spend some of thier tax dollars.

              Remember that lots of folks find the abundant wildlife in town to be endearing and will want to keep it around - they will likely organize and fight your idea.

              Good luck.
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