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  • State Approved Bear Bait Clinic - On-Line

    Take the Bear Baiting Clinic On-Line

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    I am an avid bear hunter. I took the class on line just for review. Scored 23/25. In order to pass you must get all 25 correct. You can retake the test right away, but you have to do ALL 25 questions again. I have attached the web site and hopefully the link!

    Even if you have your bear baiting certification it won't hurt you to refresh yourself. Keep your station clean and hunt as an ethical hunter should, this will insure that we will continue our bear baiting tradition.

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    Ah I took the test and got a 20, not bad for a guy that does'nt bait. Some trick questions in there tho.


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      Good refresher.
      Without looking at any material I got 22. Guess that's why I always keep the regs with me!
      Vance in AK.

      Matthew 6:33
      "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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        thanks, that was fun

        And informative. I scored 23/25, not bad for an old guy. I said 1/2 mile from roads, etc. I thought that was more conservative. And I glossed over backstraps when asked what is required to be brought out. But all in all I did good, and the test got me a bit more excited to get out this spring.
        Thanks for sharing and posting the site.


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          Missed a couple

          Well I scored 23/25 the first go round. I already had mine from last year but wanted to see how I would do just taking the test without reading the meterial. So not to bad. Does make it nice for people in the Anchorage Bowl area being as no more classes are listed other than on in Wasilla in a week or so..


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            Thanks for the link, I'm set to go now.
            Hi all, Erik & Jodi


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