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when the bears come out

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  • when the bears come out

    What are reasonable expectations for
    bears to be out and about date wise (obviously some variability based on weather)


    Kenai Mtns


    Denali area

    Prince William sound

    also when is the earliest you have shot a bear?

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    Kenai mts...

    Kenai Mountain black bears are out in May. I have saw only one black bear in April.

    The first weekend in May I always see my first one or two black bears boars, and I have shot bears up to 6'9'' during that first weekend.

    On the second weekend I'll see another two solo bears, and perhaps a sow with cubs (but probably not). In the first two weekends, most bears are larger boars. Also, one of us has probably shot a bear during these first two weekends, so perhaps I would see more if I wasn't fleshing a pelt.

    Third weekend in May I'll see two or three solo bears, which are probably boars. But I'll also see two sows, each with cubs. Up through the third weekend the bears will be on the hillsides (mountain sides) eating fresh grass. Some of these bears will be little guys.

    But on the forth weekend in May I'll see three or five solo bears, and three or four sows with cubs. But by the forth weekend in May most of the bears will not be on the hillsides. Most will have moved down to the valley bottoms.

    I have watched, I believe, 14 black bears tip over in May, between client-hunters, my friends, and my personal kills. I have never saw a rubbed black bear pelt in the month of May while hunting the Kenai Mountains.

    By the first weekend in June I'm tired of chasing black bears and it's time to go rafting.

    These notes were compiled from my May black bear hunts on the Kenai during 12 of the last 19 years.
    (The other 7 years I was brown bear hunting or guiding on the Ak Pen.)

    Hope it helps......

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    …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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      thanks for the info true adventure


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        A few bears out in the Hope cutoff area now. Tracks lead down to the Sixmile creek. March 27th.
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