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    Did anybody hear about the special moose hunt on Fort Greely? The hunt is on Fort Greely around the air field 26-29 March and 2-5 April. They were giving out 30 permits and it was a Bow Hunt Only. So did any info people?

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    Something seems fishy

    I saw the following in a weekly update sent out on FWA. I never saw anything about applying for a permit for this hunt. Are the tags being given out to people on Ft. Greely or is it a registeration hunt? I would think that fish and game would have made permits available to the public either through drawing or registration.

    AAAF Moose Hunt. Numerous moose have been observed on and around Allen Army Airfield (inside the airfield fence). These moose pose a danger to aircraft, and have caused several aborted approaches/”go-arounds” by USAF C-17s. In order to mitigate this hazard, Fort Greely DPW and AAAF personnel have been coordinating with the Alaska State Fish and Game to organize/allow a bow-only hunt to harvest the moose. Tags will be issued by the State of Alaska Game Department and the hunt will occur 26 - 29 March and 2 - 5 April. Measures have been put in place to deter moose from re-populating the airfield including the placement of electronic moose mats at all entry points.


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      9 Permits

      I got the letter, first 9 folks that put in for but did win the delta cow tag, and had their IBEP certification and did not kill a moose in the 08 season got the letter. I killed a moose, so had to turn it down. They have 9 moose in the fence they want killed.



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