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  • Pet Peeve or Major Annoyance

    Watching my Sunday fix of hunting shows, my two hunting pet peeves surface numerous times. Peeve #1 No one, absolutely no one, has ever "snuck" up on a game animal. Today I snuck--yesterday I snucked---and often I have snucked?????? Personally I sneak, have sneaked and have often sneaked. Peeve#2 Subspecies and species are two separate classifications (I am a biology teacher). Today on his show, the best known muzzleloader hunter in the world referred to the four subspecies of caribou as "four species as recognized by B&C." On anther program, the host referred to the four springbuck color phases as four species which they most certainly are not and are no different than a black bear is to a blond colored black bear. Perhaps winter has been too hard on me. I would be interested to see if any other hunters have similar annoyances when it comes to outdoor tv shows.

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    A know it all.
    "A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine." Marley and Me


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      I've snuck up on'm before

      I've never had game that I've snuck up on complain about my verbiage nor the sound of my rifle - ya gotta be alive to complain. Whoops, I'm just full of poor english today.

      Its been decades since I've been to South Dakota, but back then there was a lot more to be concerned about than imperfect speech.


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        Originally posted by ARKY View Post
        A know it all.
        Amen to that!
        “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” attributed to Thomas Jefferson


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          Dude, take a Midol; it'll be okay.


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            Sodak guy, if I were you, I would only be concerned with two color phases right now, and those would be "snows" and "blues"......"juvies" would make three, but that is more of a lifestage. Get outside and hunt something, and just be thankful it didn't snow another 6 inches last night. Sodak posts at times like these should contain pics, such as the following, not complaints about how some guy in a black cowboy hat talks.
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              The thing that annoys me about most hunting shows is that they almost never show an unsuccessful hunt. There are very few shows that are realistic in that regard. I also have no interest in watching "hunts" that consist of sitting in a stand while a patterned, fed buck comes in to feed at the predermined time.


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                Pet peeve

                How about a hunting show that teaches and demonstrates ethics, like not always taking a trophy and coming home empty handed after lots of hard work, or a guide turning down a client or returning him and his money because of unethical or dangerous behavior?



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                  I will take that a step further Brian. I hate it when they set up the super delux air conditioned elevating shooting house like 200+ yards from the food plot then brag about what a great, tough shot it was!
                  My favorite line was from a sportsmans warehouse $3 dvd. It shows footage of a monster elk, and the you hear the guide explaining how that is a $12K bull, the $8K bulls are "over here"! Now that is just sorry, Might as well make a Bovine section in the SCI records. I wonder what folks would pay to shoot a 2000 lb brahma bull...


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                    Really, Jon? Wow - I've never watched one quite like that (but am aware that such "hunts" exist). What a shame that this becomes the public face of hunting.

                    There's a place for hunting shows, but we need to show all of that which makes it so important to us - not just another kill and an immediate B&C estimate. Heck, it should even include a meal over a campfire when successful. That's the kind of show I could get behind.


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                      Calling Tim-Meister!

                      Sounds like 'you guys' would simply LOVE our resident forum member, tdelarm, the 'Fish Porn Production CEO' extraordinairre's show 'Alaska Outdoors Television'...

                      This first season I think they had a special on 'non-successful hunts!'

                      Just kidding, but I am sincerely amazed how Tim and his Production Company pull off completely 'unscripted' hunts, fishing adventures and what-have-you.

                      And, 'rumor has it' that their second season holds even more exciting Alaskan adventures! You might think I am a fan of the show (I am)...but I am also one of his BEST critics!


                      PS: I worked the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Emergency Department in So. Dakota. Incredible experience. . .
                      Cape CARES - San Marcos, Honduras - video


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                        Doc - That's why I like Tim's show - it's the most authentic one I've seen.


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                          After you have scouched up to them you got to get em skunt out
                          Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                            Besides many of the things listed above, including Brian's hunting shack in the air over baited field I have a couple pet peeves.

                            One is the use of the word rag-horn. It's dismissive and implies an animal isn't worth taking. In my opinion, any legal animal is worth taking and I'm thankful for every animal I take, big, little, and in between.

                            The other thing I cannot stand is listening to the whisper. And the whisper play-by-play. If it's getting down to it, SHUT UP and get 'er done.

                            Ohhh and did I forget the guys in those little houses on stilts wearing all that camo? They may as well be wearing hot pink tuxedos. But they are like truck stop cowboys, they think they need to wear it to look authentic. Or more likely, they need to wear it to get the advertisers big bucks!

                            The hunting show that most P'd me off tho was where some great white hunter was sitting in a tree with a pistol bragging talking up all his exploits. He finally got a shot at a buck and it was obvious he made a real bad hit. First he made out like it was a good hit. Then he explained he was gonna get the guides (how do you guide someone in a tree stand?) and they'd track it down. Then commercial break. After commercial they come back on and (miracle) it's the next day. The guides are tracking the animal down, but the hunter is nowhere around. They explain he had to leave suddenly. They find the animal and say they are going to process it and send it to him. What's wrong with this picture?

                            Which brings me to my last pet peeve. Bowhunters who shoot an animal right before dusk and refuse to follow up on it until the next day. Most of the time this means a dead animal laying all night with the guts in it and full of souring blood. It's a bad enough problem in cold climates, but I've seen it in places like Texas, Louisiana, Arizona.... Why shoot an animal that is going to go to waste? Oh yah, it's all about those antlers.
                            An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
                            - Jef Mallett


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                              Pretty Blond With Perfect Hair

                              I won't name names but how bout the finely combed hair of the blond gal with the diamond earings. How many men actually watch the show for the hosts skill and ethics.

                              And the One phrase I actually can't stand is (BIG BUCK DOWN).

                              My wife and I refuse to watch this show.

                              Sure wish we could get the Alaska Outdoor Show here.



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