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  • Takeout on the Susitna

    I am looking at information about taking out at the Log Creek Takeout, which is just upstream of Devil's Canyon on the Susitna River. The takeout is along that stretch of the Susitna where it straightens out and heads West to East.

    From research and calling around it seems to me that there are three options for taking out at this point. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with this takeout that they'd be willing to share. Here are the options my research has shown:

    1.) Land on a gravel bar along this stretch of the Susitna.
    Questions: Is there a landable gravel bar?
    Is this gravel bar subject to disappear at high water?
    What size aircraft could you land here, typically?

    2.) Land on the Susitna River itself.
    Question: The pilots I talked to seem to be iffy about this due to the murky water. Is there a flight service that knows this stretch well enough to consistently land on it?

    3.) Hike to the lake ~1 mile to the South of the Log Creek Takeout.
    Questions: Has anyone done this hike?
    Is it doable with the brush and the slope and a 100 lb. raft to carry?

    Also, if you have taken out or put-in at this point, what charter service did you use?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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    another possible option

    Check w/Mahay's in Talkeetna. I know he runs trips through Devil's Canyon, but I'm not sure if he'll do a pickup there.


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      Steve HAS run the canyon but he does not make regular trips through it. Your only 2 options are to try and float the canyon or to have an air service pick up which is a good plan. You may be able to portage around the canyon. I have never been there so I don't know if that is doable. If you could portage you could float all the way back to the road.

      I agree with your choice to have an air service pickup. Are you planning to float from the Denali hwy? That looks like a great trip. I would call the Talkeetna Air services I am sure you are not the only one to do this.


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        you WILL NOT portage the canyon....cross that off the list for sure.
        the susitna river valley there is a canyon itself, probably close to 700 feet deep. so to hike to the lake one measly mile to the south, will kill you with 100lb raft. best bet is fly out off the river, i don't recall any gravel bars, most guys just land on the river and hope they miss the underwater rocks....
        why do you want to float it anyway? if you plan on hunting it, you'll just be looking at huge hills on either side of the river once you pass kosina creek area. moose are real spotty in that area, bears are slim , no fish in that river up there. it'd be a tough take out point as well. there is a old cabin down there a guide used to use to take out his rafts and stuff, but he won't land on the river anymore either....30 years of scarin' him self senseless he decided to stop.
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          Portaging Devil's Canyon is definitely out of the question. It looks like the only safe option is to land on a gravel bar along the Su up above Devil's Canyon. I've got a buddy w/ 1000 hours of offstrip experience with a nice super cub... It looks like he'd be the one to ferry us out of there back to Talkeetna. Not one of the charter services out of Talkeetna that I could find have 206 or smaller tundra tire equipped aircraft.

          I'm looking to raft the Maclaren down to this takeout point. It looks to be one hell of an adventure. We'll be hunting moose, but mainly there for the adventure and scenery. It'll be a trip with my old man. We've got our own raft, I'm just trying to nail down an exit plan out of this area.


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            might be able to check google earth for gravel bars on the big su.
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              The last safe and reliable gravel bar above Devils Canyon, is the one located on the west bank of the Su, a half mile above the confluence with the Tyone. There is a cluster of cabins there and a decent strip a cub can work with ease. I would not recommend trying to land anywhere below that point, on tires.
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                Thanks for the input on this guys... I appreciate the help!


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                  let us know it goes...if the take out down low works....lol or if it don't.
                  i'd suggest you get your pilot buddy to do a trail flight in there at HIGH water and see if there is somewhere to land. Sept that river can come up quiet a bit if the rains pick up.
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