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  • bleached sheep mount

    Picked up my sheep from who I consider a very good taxidermist the other day. He did not bleach the cape and it has a lot of color in it from his time in the shale. It does give it a pretty natural look. The taxidermist indicated that he could still bleach it if I wanted him to, but that bleaching sheep tends to create a reverse effect after 5 or 6 years and the cape develops a bit of a yellow tint to it. I find myself kind of wanting the clean white cape look on the mount, but not sure if I should forgo it due to what it will look like down the road.

    Any of your bleached capes showing this effect over the years?

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    Leave the silt

    I would leave the silt, I really like it on them as long as its not blood stained.


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      I second the "shaled" look. That's how he looked as you hunted him. I would leave it. UV damage will also cause the yellowed look, even if your mount is not in direct sunlight.
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        whitey rams...

        This is a good question and one that I have often thought about, and clearly not figured out an answer to...

        First of all, Dall sheep are not pure white. They have that "slightly off-white" color naturally. I guarantee, when a hunter wears painter whites to fool a ram, he is wearing a brighter white than white rams really are. None of my five mounted rams have been bleached. I always attempt to wash the blood off the cape before it can completely dry, but I never feel I'm completely successful. I honestly do not know if the "off-white" color is due to the natural color of the critter who lives in the rocks and shale, or if the off-white color is due to some blood staining.
        My ram kills tend to tumble a long ways, and often end up really badly blood stained. Several of my client-hunters have had their sheep capes bleached by "outside" taxidermists, without complaints, or without me hearing of any complaints.
        But many taxidermists here in AK have told me that a bleached cape will become abnormally yellow with time.

        Interesting topic. I hope others, both hunters and taxidermists, will contribute their experiences or knowledge.

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          I've heard bleaching is somewhat tough on hair. I believe dall sheep hair is somewhat hollow and brittle to begin with? I wonder if you have your dall lightly bleached in the worse spots if you could have it done again in future years? If there are just scattered blood stains it may be possible to just get the small spots done to blend with the natural areas. I imagine some bleaches are harsher than others?


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            Bleached Cape

            If you go out this time of year and find sheep you will clearly see they are not as white as the snow, they are a cream color. I'd go with natural. I'm surprised that taxidermists don't have tricks besides bleaching to remove dirt and silt? You should post a picture of your ram.


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              I have mounted sheep both with hair bleached and unbleached, its the clients choice that i give them, I prefer them whitened. but like i said its the clients choice. If you want it white i would suggest taking it back to your taxidermist as soon as possible and let him whiten it.


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                Mountain Goats Too!

                I agree with the comments on the natural look. I think the same goes for mountain goats. I perfeer to have mine look natural


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                  Its kinda hard to judge with out a pic


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                    I vote for natural.

                    As my house is somewhat rustic, things would look out of place it they end up too refined. I've done some europeans myself with only peroxide bleach to finish them and I like the way they look as compared to the super white ones from the taxidermist.
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                      here are 2 i recently did, one white and the client wanted the other left untouched and unwhitened.....

                      I prefer white, but natural is ok if you can wash all the blood off of it with out it still showing up.
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                        Bleached or Not

                        I like the natural look way better after seeing them side by side... Never noticed the difference before, I guess if I ever killed one that might help...


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                          Here is one

                          set of my goats.
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