Polar Bear inspection.



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  • Polar Bear inspection.

    Some Bears dont hibernate....~LOL!!~

    The oldest son arrived a couple days ago from Deering , having crossed Kotzebue sound and going to Kotzebue first. He was fine but was sledless, as the bridal had broken and there was not much he could do but mark the sled as not to lose it and come home get some more rope, as he was "short"......

    I brought enough to effect a good repair , and being a mile or so ahead of him, I pulled up and found these;

    He didnt unload the sled, just sorta passed it by.....

    We followed them for about 1/4 mile before comming to a wide crack, and lost his taril for a while, and then followed it for abot 10 miles before we figured he was long gone and our gas situation was at "turn around time"......sometimes the best Hunter go's home with nothing, but the son diddnt seem too put off.

    Wish I had a picture of the Big fellow. Those boot prints s in the pict are baffins in size 12....... anyone fair to say how big Nanook might be?? ~LOL!!~

    The killer Pix are compliments of "plwilli", Thank You VERY Much!!!!, as he sent me a camera so I may post away, as well as my neighbor, who let me download into my photobucket
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    I saw the title and the poster and expected to see a pic of a polar bear, with stranger standing behind him, "SNAPPING" on some rubber gloves
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      No Vince, Im not certifyed.......Yet.:rolleyes:

      I couldnt get the pict with the sled in it to download, but you can see how it just walked on by with the sleds shadow on the tracks, and it just kept on going NorthWest.

      Curious but not destructive....I once had a Brown bite into a couple 5 gallon gas jugs after half smashing half digging out a cache I had at camp. Look'd like he had to break everything, ripping nto my tent, tarps and chewed up a bunch of rope......weird.
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

      "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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        Thanks stranger. Nothing pumps me up more than the sight of Bear Tracks. It really gets the juices flowing in me.
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          Don't let any forum members convince you to snare that bear. (hehehe)
          Unless your in game management unit 16, and dont forget your helicopter.
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          …miles and miles of mountains…wide expanses of tundra...remote wild waters…
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            I was gunna say...

            that's a small bear, but you state that the boot print is 12 eh? I'd say a good 7-8 ft...


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