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  • 7MM Rem Mag for AK?

    I Moved here from northern NY up near Canada and have hunted white tail my whole life. This year I plan on hunting moose and just want to ask for some advise from all the Alaskan veteran hunters on here about what is the best round to shoot with the 7mm. Also is the 7mm rem mag good enough for an all around gun up here? Like I said I plan on hunting moose this year and hopefully a sheep hunt next and possibly a grizz. I have shot a lot and know shot placement is everything, just looking for a little advise for hunting in AK.

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    This is a very common question. Some will tell you to get a bigger rifle for moose and bear. Everyone will agree that it will kill a sheep consistently, same thing w/ caribou. Honestly I wouldn't hesitate to pop ol bull winkle w/ it. I would probably shoot a bear w/ it if the opportunity presented itself and it was the gun in hand, though for me I have and would take other guns for that. At one time all I had was a 7mm, I loaded it w/ barnes x bullets and would have carried it for anything I set my mind on chasing.


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      Dennis Confer liked 'em...

      estimating he put 3700 rounds through his Ruger M77 in 20 years.
      His excellent book, "Hunt Alaska Now" includes a several page discussion on best calibers and best bullets for Alaska based on his hunting and guiding career. Like Lujon, he was partial to Barnes X too (another good discussion).

      Lujon summed it all up nicely, but here are a couple of good threads about the 7mm. I'm sure there are others. Try "search", then "advanced search", then "Google search of AOD":


      Good luck.
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        I wouldn't use a 7mm mag as a dedicated big bear gun, but if you want to take one as an incidental to a moose or sheep hunt, I say go for it. Use minimum 160 grain premium bullets. Myself, I would use a 175 grain on bear, but I'm a heavy bullet for caliber guy.


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          My favorite caliber-

          I have one and used it for over 20 years. It's killed many moose and caribou, some sheep, goat black bear, deer and elk. I would not hesitate to use it for any of these species, but it's not enough for brown bear. I prefer a 175 gr. premium bullet for this rifle. Mine is a Ruger M77 and it's a tack-driver.

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            My pops use it for moose, caribou, and black bear and has killed man large bull moose with it. I agree with the other comments, i dont think i would use it for brownie gun.


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              Get really close

              If you use it for bear......just leave anything outside 100yrds. Keep your quarry close and it's all good in cojunction with the above advice of shooting premium bullets to penetrate deep.

              Welcome to Alaska. I'd be asking what kind of boots to buy.......there's lots of ground to cover up here.


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                Your 7mm will work fine for just about everything, moose are not all that hard to kill, same with black bear.Like everyone else said, get premium bullets. It's on the small side for brownies but like most, after you have been here awhile, you'll end up buying a 338 or 375 eventually. Like I tell my better half, there is always a good reason for buying a new gun.


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                  Its my "go to" rifle and although would not be my first choice for the big bears, I use it for everything else. Premium bullets and the right circumstances, I'd take the bear too.


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                    .270 & .300 WinMag

                    Some sound advise there, and aways a good excuse to buy a gun. 7mm (.275) slightly small but could be done if everything went perfect. My dad killed a 7' grizz with a .270, an 10' brown bear could be exciting.
                    I always figured it it walks in North America I could kill it with my .270W or 300 Winmag, with my .22 as back up, don't ever have to out run a brown bear just your buddy.


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                      I have done some tests with my 7mm and wet newspaper. I wouldn't hesitate using it on a brownie with top shelf 195grain bullets.


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                        just took a moose last year with a Rem. 7mm with 175s. i wouldn't take it brownie hunting, but it will work great for anything smaller.


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                          The 7mm is a very under rated cartridge IMO, having killed moose and lots of smaller stuff with one, there wasn't a lick of difference between the 7 mm shooting 175 grain bullets and a 30-06 shooting 180's. The bullet would be the most important part of the equation, but that is generally the case with any caliber. The Federal TBBC was always a favorite of mine for bigger stuff like moose, penetrates to know end, a 160 grain TSX probably wouldn't be a bad choice either.

                          This is no big moose by any stretch but I took it with a 7mm and a 175 grain TBBC, shot was straight down off a bluff on a called in bull, entered high due to the actual distance only being about 30 yards away though I ranged him at near 200 yards straight down. Severed the entire spine and exited, bull was DRT.


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                            AlaskaCub, I have hypothesized what you just said: A 7mm, 175 grain bullet will kill just as well as a .30 cal, 180 grain bullet, all other things being equal.

                            I have looked at the numbers on the .280 Rem vs. .30-06. Depending on what loading manual you look at the .280 will shoot a 175 grainer at 2750, and the '06 will shoot the 180 grainer at roughly 2700. I can't imagine there is a creature on earth that could tell the difference.


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                              7mag for Alaskan all round gun? Yea it will work, there are better, but it will work. As you have noted, bullet placement is paramount along with at least 160 premium bullets. Discriminate carefully for appropriate shots before you pull the trigger and good luck.
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