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  • Unit 20 a, any bull tag ?

    I figured if anyone could help it would be someone from this site. My brother and I are thinking about a moose hunt for next year in 20a. My brother hunted here about 10 years ago and I have wanted to go ever since. When he hunted it was a "any bull" unit, now it appears to be a 50" unit. I have attempted to go through the regs and found that they were going to increase the # of any bull tags, but can't find anything about the specifics. Are there any bull tags for a NR in this unit? Is it through a draw? Where can I find this info in the regs? Any help sure would be appreciated. Troy

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    yes there are tags available to draw for.. the areas along the road or accessible from the road system are hard hit.. not only with applicants but hunters in general.. to be blunt it is a ZOO... in the Ferry management areas and Rex trail areas.. they are one of the MOST sought after tags in the system for moose..i think you will be surprised at what the last ten years has brought to the area...

    Edit.... the draw period will begin in may..
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      You can look at the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game website and monitor it for when they post up the Spring Draw Supplement. Or email, call or write them and they will send you a copy of it. This will better give you some idea of the process.

      20A is going to be a draw for Any Bull Moose. Many applicants are expected, but the success rate is pretty impressive. Lots of moose in the area and the Bull/Cow ratio is too high in the numer of bulls. Personally, I think it is pretty easy to avoid the crowded zones, with a little bit of planning and effort. Good Luck with your endeavor.
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