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    My first reaction would not have been the same as the guy's in the article.

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    we need to call SFW-A...

    & get some choppers and gunners, & hell bring in some kids, in Juneau, & protect the deer herd from maurading dogs! Time to open up Intesive management techniques to cull loose pets that ravage wildlife, because we need to protect the people who put FOOD on thier tables! :mad:


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      While growing up on the farm

      in Michigan, I faced a similar situation. In Michigan it is illegal to let your dogs chase wildlife (unless you are hunting and licensed to do so with dogs). I was doing some work in one of our barns and noticed a deer running across one of the fields towards the barn. I then saw two dogs in hot pursiut. I grabbed our varmit gun and fired a couple rounds in front of the dogs and they ran off. The next day about the same time of day, I saw the same two dogs chasing another deer across our field. I grabbed the rifle, sat down on a piece of equipment and dropped both dogs. I then called animal control who came out with the sheriff. By the time they arrived the dogs owner was there threatening to sue me for killing his dogs. After I explained to the sheriff what happened and he did an investigation, the dogs owner was fined for letting his dogs chase wildlife.

      I didn't feel good about killing the dogs but if I hadn't they would have only got worse and could have started after nieghbors farm animals.


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        Also from Michigan and raised on a horse ranch that also had dogs, chickens, ducks, cows, rabbits and a bazillion barn cats. We had no problem droping dogs that chased livestock or deer. Really don't like that some Alaskans have no problem letting there dogs run all day. Its irresponsible and dangerous for the dog, wildlife and the people who live around you. I always keep mine on a leash, in a run or in the house.

        I personally would have gave the dogs a warning shot then started dropping the ones that didn't clear off.
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          I know that if I have a gun handy & see a domestic animal attacking wildlife the domestic animal is going down. I grew up in farm & ranch country in the west & dogs don't get many 2nd chances there.
          Vance in AK.

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            Obviously the owners dont care much about their dogs to let them run free like that. It's against the law and dangerous for the dogs. I recall a couple winters ago the Wolf up at the glacier grabbed a couple loose dogs and drug em off right in front of the owners. Pretty amazing though how thousands of years of repressed instict comes out when dogs are in a pack.


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              In NWAK villages, we just shoot any loose dog, on sight, no questions asked.
              If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

              "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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                I'd dust em' too, but not in the city-limits of Juneau. I believe down there you get into a bit of trouble for discharging firearms within the city-limits (which are huge). I seem to remember a large bear problem that probably still exists because of the same laws. I may be wrong though, it wouldn't be the first time!

                I love my dogs, so they are leashed when outside. Unless it is an appropriate area where they can't harass anyone or anything, other than me.

                Hopefully someone will recognize the animals and the owners will have to deal with the authorities, but I'm doubtful any charges will stick. Maybe the same dogs will go after a moose and get the crap stomped-out of them?



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                  Wild animals is right

                  Yes they are still animals. I have kicked myself a dozen times for just scaring a black lab off a doe it was chasing. He had a red collar on and that made me think a bit. I guess I am getting soft.

                  What about that "tame" monkey who just attacked that old woman's friend? Took her face off and started eating her. Real good pet???


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                    Yeah, discharging firearms within 1/4 mile of the road in City/Borough of Juneau is a Class B misdemeanor [except using a shotgun on the wetlands, where this occurred].

                    It's really too bad they took down the comments section on that story; there were several comments to the effect of the "dogs were just doing what they do" and one even went so far as to say that if that person were the owner, they would give the dogs a treat for being such a good hunter. :eek: And no, that wasn't a joke, because that person went on to say they would have no problem dropping a dog if it mauled a child...

                    I'm guessing that they took down the comments section because the comments had taken a "the dog catcher is a Nazi" sort of direction...


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                      Put em down

                      If owners can't keep control of their pets they don't deserve for them to go home. i hated having to shoot them back home. they would pack up and kill as many sheep out of a band as they could just for the pleasure of it. 10-50. It got s bad that the rancher that had the ranch next to us used to pay a bounty on them. 90% had collars! sad deal.


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                        Archers, Ready....

                        Originally posted by jay51 View Post
                        I believe down there you get into a bit of trouble for discharging firearms within the city-limits (which are huge).
                        Originally posted by Dr.No View Post
                        Yeah, discharging firearms within 1/4 mile of the road in City/Borough of Juneau is a Class B misdemeanor [except using a shotgun on the wetlands, where this occurred].

                        I dont think that a Bow is considered a fire arm


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                          When I was a kid

                          a game warden told my dad and me to shoot any dog we saw in the woods (nearest neighbor was 3 miles away).
                          Have never had one tell me different since.
                          There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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                            Frank Rue,who called this in ,is former Comissioner of F&G.


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                              according to the ADN...

                              the dogs are loose again...need to call Sarah Palin & let her know Intensive management techniques are needed in her own home town...er ahhh, her work town...


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