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    Originally posted by strangerinastrangeland View Post
    Try Anger.......:rolleyes:

    In a sorta opposite way I look at Beef....though Im not sure how to situate her.....-LOL!!!-

    I lived in Kalispell Montana as a teen and worked at a Dairy/Beef ranch.
    830 walking milk sacks for a 24 hour operation.

    I did it all......Woke up early, worked late, milked em,birthed them, fed them,killed em, here'd em, chased em, watered em, opened gates for them, pushed them into pens, inoculated them, inseminated them, and took kicks to the face and arms while hooking them up............Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!

    I eat Beef because I HATE Cows.

    Dang good thing i grew up on the farm.... othere wise EWWWWWWW!!!!!
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      Give it time too..

      My wife was similar. She has family members that hunt but is not a fan of anything gamey. I love it and cook it, and with the right marinade or rub and prep she couldn't tell the difference. Then when out daughter was born, she was really happy to not have all the extra hormones and drugs that go into some of the farm raised animals. She finally floored me over the summer when all the E. Coli, mad cow, and tainted meat stories were in the national media. She turned to me during the evening news and said, "I'm so glad you hunt and got all that meat for us. It's so nice to not have to worry about any of that with what we have in the freezer." I fell in love all over again. It just took time and patience and now we love it and cook it all the time. Hooray for not paying the grocer for meat!



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        same here

        my wife is the same way. She tries it every year and she will eat it if prepared certain ways. Something that works really well is to offer to cook dinner then use game meat in the meal, wait until you know she's super hungry then serve it. Everything tastes better when your super hungry.


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          With over 350lbs of meat in the freezer, my wife has had a blast trying to find recipe's that work well with the different meats. She was always adamant that she didn't mind cooking it she just didn't think she could kill it.

          Here is her and my 2 oldest with momma's fist moose

          Check out her high speed "Camo" gear, kind of makes you feel silly dressing up don't it!


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            I have no problem eating wild game, and I love trying new things. Being a hunter I LOVE to eat what I kill. But dang whats with all the beef bashin? I'm an Iowa raised guy, and my family has for centuries made our living farming the land and raising beef cows, hogs, and chickens. My dad is manager of a feed store. He knows exactly how to care for livestock and what to feed them. I know that farm animals are raised with steroids and given shots to ward off disease, but we are not being poisoned by some big conspiracy with farm animals. Same goes for the plants. Round up ready corn is some well thought out stuff. It helps. I'm not saying I'll only eat beef, but dang, don't you guys like to have a ham for christmas ever?

            Midwestern boy rant over with, guess its where you come from.


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              She punch the moose in the Nose???

              Lujon? I don't see any other wound, except the blood coming out the nose, Lujon, you're wifey's TOUGH!


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                She spine shot it about 3-4 vertibre back from the skull. She was using a 308 w/ 180 grn Winchester silver tips, The bullet and the spine exploded no exit wound, entrance is on the other side. Not bad for standing unsupported at 65 yds, DRT! And yes she is tough!


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                  At first my wife absolutely would NOT eat any wild game. Then she would, but only if she only saw it after it was in the freezer and I did all the cooking. Soon as long as I browned the meat she would take it from there (we grind alot of it for spaghetti, hamburger helper & casseroles and stuff). Eventually she started preferring the taste to beef, and now she counts on having some in the freezer.
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                    I guess i got lucky too, I meet my wife in college, whe was from Virginia and moved up here to go to college and ride Alaskan mountians. She only eats organic foods and loved the idea of game meat. I dont see any difference between a moose burger or a burger made from beef. I was also born and raised in AK and have eaten moose my whole life.


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                      I'm with you, Scmitty............enjoy the pork, chicken, and beef sometimes. I was raised on Omaha beef!
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                        I have a very good friend who was vegan, yup would only eat veggies! After years of his Doc pointing out he wasn't getting enough protein, me sending him several articles on the health benefits of wild game, being around my cooking and him actually hunting with me he now will only eat wild game myself or my brother harvested.

                        According to Marco it was the way beef are raised and the chemicals they are treated with that put him off in the first place. He views wild game as healthy food that lived a spiritually full life and died in a humane, dignified way, it is "physically and spiritually healthy."

                        Tracy is a Detroit girl and I was worried about how she would take to wild taste of my venison hart pasty(a kind of finlander meat pie) and all my fears were gone. The cooking it for them and asking politely that they just try some route has worked for me every time I've cooked for a grocery store ruined pallet. It dose however require that you can actually not burn a few burgs on the grill and call yourself the "grill master" I mean have some real culinary skill.

                        A big part of the reason folks don't care for wild game is the timing of the harvest and the treatment of the meat afterwards. A bull in rut is not a eater, a animal pumped full of adrenaline is not a eater and no matter how good the meat is it will not be good eating without excellent care in the field.

                        Then again you can always fall back on my Dads philosophy, "Even week old road kill is edible if you cook it long enough in cream of mushroom soup" My brother and I both hit 6 foot before high school! Boy could we eat when we were teens!
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                          Check out her high speed "Camo" gear, kind of makes you feel silly dressing up ...

                          That from LuJon, with the wife in "Nascar" hunting outfit.....heck, you could hunt the moose in Idaho (there's lots) in that jacket with a boom box going, those critters aren't afraid of anything even way back in the mountains where they don't see many people. I really think they should have a spear season for them, lots of crazy Idaho guys would go for that...and some Alaskans would have a reason to hunt out of state!

                          I've fooled plenty of people with elk and black bear as well as moose, but I never lied to them, they just didn't ask

                          Elk are fine grained, but moose and bear even look like beef. It's all in caring for the animal/meat. But, I've only had one deer that didn't taste like "deer"....and even just cooking it can leave "eau de deer" lingering in the dining room, so whatever way you are cooking it, even burger or stew, first heat some oil in the pan/pot with some thyme in it. When the thyme get to smelling good and starts to brown, sear the deer meat (or any game if you got something to hide) and even if they know what they are eating, they won't be put off by that initial smell that deer and sometimes other game fills the room with. I've used lots of other spices this way, but with game thyme seems to work the best.


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                            Originally posted by BEARBOB View Post
                            My buddy's wife will not eat almost all wild game (deer, bear, rabbit, duck) due to a terrible Bambi affliction which is surprising as she is a farm girl.

                            The only exception is moose which she will eat, I guess because it is too ugly to be in the Bambi category, problem is he does not hunt moose.

                            Anyway, he does not want to lie to her about what she is eating ( she may only be 110 pounds but he says she packs a mean punch).

                            So my question is, has anyone been able to find a way to get a person like this to change her mind about eating wild game or is it a lost cause.
                            Why bother?


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                              I've found the best way to get em started is with your BEST dish from what you've got. I just moved in with two lovely, but citified ladies...but the first weekend I made them some PRIMO backstrap, cooked perfectly, and then the next week it was corned moose hash...

                              It's all about first impressions....and no pressure.


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                                Cap'n Ron, It gets worse....We completed most of the "stalk" in a fully loaded Crew Cab F150, sitting on 20's with Indiana Jones playing on the in cab entertainment center.... And that is an Arctiva Sled jacket, which is totally hot I might add!


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