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  • Won't eat wild game

    My buddy's wife will not eat almost all wild game (deer, bear, rabbit, duck) due to a terrible Bambi affliction which is surprising as she is a farm girl.

    The only exception is moose which she will eat, I guess because it is too ugly to be in the Bambi category, problem is he does not hunt moose.

    Anyway, he does not want to lie to her about what she is eating ( she may only be 110 pounds but he says she packs a mean punch).

    So my question is, has anyone been able to find a way to get a person like this to change her mind about eating wild game or is it a lost cause.

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    We got through to one of my wife's friends by going the health route. She's a health nut, and once she realized how many antibiotics and hormones are pumped into farmed meat, she was finally willing to give wild game a try. It also helped that salmon has crazy high levels of Omega-3s and that wild game is very low fat and low cholesterol.


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      show them a farm raised salmon at one year old, then a wild salmon at one year old....thats the best way to see what steroids do to the meat you buy at the store...and see how she feels about jackin' herself full of drugs and who knows what else that the farm raised critters have got.
      my wife won't buy meat from the store anymore....
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        On that note, there was a great editorial written today about how polluted our industrial meat supply has become.


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          Peer Pressure

          Invite some couples over for dinner, especially couples with a lady that loves wild game. Make sure there is plenty to offer that is not of the wild version, so the wife does not feel forced into trying the wild game. Than do up some dishes with choice cuts (several types). Usually people feel obligated to taste something the crowd is enjoying.
          This has worked several times for me, with friends, relatives and a lady or too.
          Fortunately for me the lady I am with now loves the stuff. Even cooks it when I am not home.


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            Just tell them it's chicken. My son thought everything he ate was chicken until he turned 6!
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              You might try the "halfway" approach. I got my wife to try some organic locally raised yak, buffalo and elk. Not wild game but not exactly industrially raised meat either. Once she started enjoying that it was a small step to eating harvested wild game. She still doesn't like anything with a very strong flavor but eats most of it. Things with a stronger flavor tend to work in stuff with acidic sauces- spagetti, lasagna or tomato based stew for example. Milder flavored cuts work better as roasts, steaks or chops.

              Most folks have an aversion to "gamey" meat not really "wild" meat so don't even think about serving carribou shot at the start of the rut for instance...a lot of these folks have had poorly prepared game meat with a "bull" flavor that would turn off a bear. Heck, I can hardly blame them for not wanting to eat it.

              Never lie or be obtusive to someone about what their eating- its darn rude even if they have an opposing viewpoint. It took forever to get my wife to eat rabbit after a family member pulled the "its chicken" trick when she was a kid...
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                Hunger is the usual cause of folks eating stuff they won't normally eat.
                I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
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                  Anything with...

                  Fried Rice is a hit in my house...with lots of teriyaki...


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                    Another good read

                    To add to the notes about healthful diet and the state of our factory-raised food, read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. Excellent read, and it really focuses on where all of our food comes from. He even takes up hunting in order to prepare a meal for which he's responsible for all of the ingredients- very interesting take on hunting from a non-hunter's point of view.


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                      My wife never ate a wild critter until we met. No rabbit, squirrel, turkey, deer, elk, anything! No crab, shrimp, clams, etc...

                      She grew up on beef from the store and catfish from a pond they fished.

                      I introduced her to them one taste at a time. How? I cooked it and ate it. The wonderful smell and me enjoying it got the best of her and she tried it all on her own.

                      My first tour in AK and we had moose, bou, bear, rabbit, and porcupine...plus birds. We never used the store for meat for 3 years and continue to do the same today. I even cooked some deer liver, turned around after talking on the phone and shazam! It was gone and I got none. Wasn't upset one bit. She loves what I love...what could be better.

                      I converted an Iowa farm girl to wild game.

                      Best of luck...if she will come around, she'll eat it all on her own. Just don't stop enjoying your harvest in the mean time.

                      One point to remember...if the meat your cooking is gamey or liver tasting like ducks and some other birds are, dont cook them when she's home. The sence of smell will imprint a negative memory in her mind and you could be lonely at the dinner table for many more years.

                      My 2 cents


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                        Try Anger.......:rolleyes:

                        In a sorta opposite way I look at Beef....though Im not sure how to situate her.....-LOL!!!-

                        I lived in Kalispell Montana as a teen and worked at a Dairy/Beef ranch.
                        830 walking milk sacks for a 24 hour operation.

                        I did it all......Woke up early, worked late, milked em,birthed them, fed them,killed em, here'd em, chased em, watered em, opened gates for them, pushed them into pens, inoculated them, inseminated them, and took kicks to the face and arms while hooking them up............Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!

                        I eat Beef because I HATE Cows.
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                          Originally posted by martentrapper View Post
                          Hunger is the usual cause of folks eating stuff they won't normally eat.
                          That worked for us as kids. We always had two choices for supper: Take it or leave it!
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                            on her own

                            I agree to let her change on her own. Tell your buddy to try different recipes for game meats and always offer her the option to try but don't belittle her for not doing so. Maybe the economy will also help out as it may become too exspensive for that store bought meat:rolleyes:. Another option is to get as much info on domesticated animals that might expand her "bambi" theory towards them, but be carefull she may only eat moose then!


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                              I guess I was lucky, I married a grown-up, I brought home wild game and said this is for dinner and she cooked it.


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