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  • got the nod from the wife...

    The missus always gets kind of irritable when i start discussing hunting plans with the boy.. it start with that over the shoulder looks and wanders across the room shaking the head look... and develops into...a hands on the Hips stance with determination, and high expectations of possibly discouraging me from planning anything else...

    I have to presume that a lot of the lack of anticipation on her part is still the fact that we had a baby last year...keepin mind #3 for her #4 for me.... you think that the OMG stage was long gone for her.. BUT NO, this one is just like a first baby again...EVEN though she dearly wants too, mama wont go hunting or camping with the baby... even though i tell her repeatedly .. it is okay i can ratchet strap the car seat on the wheeler. and take you both in to camp.. you can spend at least a week with us this year if nothing else fishing an letting Lil on play in the water......

    And i am usually met with the rolling sarcasm that only a protective mom can beat upon such a comment....

    Anyway... back to the main subject. yesterday we had the hands on hips stance. shortly after the boy watched the 5th bear hunting video in a row.
    It is really amazing how those things just appear this time of year Eh?

    the missus is in front of me.......hands on hips. feet planted. and blocking the only exit from my office space...

    "would you mind explaining to me, your plans for hunting season this year"

    what'd ya mean Hun? hunting is still 6 months away....

    "humph!" she replies " you don't think i know whats in those buckets, down by the heater?" I know you are going bear hunting again.... and i wanna know when and for how long so i can plan around it and know what i am doing with the baby.

    well shoot, i was caught, cornered and pinned ... about to tap put when i tried the last desperate effort. Well hun... baby should be old enough to ride along by then.........

    now i envisioned... her stomping a YEAH RIGHT! at me and huffing off in typical female fashion.... what i got was a 10 foot grizz sow with cubs and her head caught in the barrle....head swinging, animated, arms flapping, foot kicking, there is no way in hell i am taking the baby bear hunting...

    well now that she had her self good an worked up. there was no point in EVEN trying to explain that bear season was still two months away.. so i had to give her the well i will let you know as soon as i can spiel...

    until she went to make dinner....

    Vince? .....

    Yes dear?

    "where are all the moose steaks?"

    gone, grilled the last pack before the girls left, i tell her

    "cube steaks? for country fried stakes?

    gone.... been out them for two weeks now.

    we have moose burger or moose burger left...

    she replies.. "well what happened to all the roast off the moose i got?"

    gone long time ago... we're running out of meat....

    and she says.... well i guess you better get ready to go hunting soon hadn't you......

    ( 2 moose gone, bou gone, 3bears, gone....hows your freezer fairing?)
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    Meat's gone, but lots of fish yet.


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      Meat supply here is quite low, but saved some sitka backstrap which will head to the barbie tonight. Talked to my son yesterday about meat plans in August, that's 5 months away and I feel like I'm already behind the curve in planning.:eek:
      Vegetables arenít food, vegetables are what food eats.


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        Alaskan grocery shopping

        We polished off the last jar of smoked Sockeye this week.

        I've still got Blacktail burger and a few roasts. The King Salmon steaks are a distant memory. Mt. Goat is gone.

        I've got about 20 pounds of Halibut yet and some rockfish still.

        The trick is to ration it just right so the wife is looking really hungry come July.....then she'll spring for all ya need to head out. Another thing is to feed her so much fish her eyes are rolling wildly and then ask for the hunting trip.

        I enjoyed that write was fun. I could just picture "Lil" splashing in the water.


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          Still have plenty of salmon, about 6-7 packages of halibut, and thanks to some very generous family members last year, some bison and moose. That being said, my wife was telling me yesterday that "regular meat" just makes her sick to her stomach now. She loves hunting with me anyways, but I took that as my opportunity to once again extol the virtues of pursuing wild game. May is only two months away, after all.


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            2 whole moose? 1 whole bou? 3 bears? OK, vince, that is ALOT of meat. What is the time frame for that consumption?
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              Originally posted by martentrapper View Post
              2 whole moose? 1 whole bou? 3 bears? OK, vince, that is ALOT of meat. What is the time frame for that consumption?
              3 bears last spring, moose and bou from last fall.... five kids in house. this is not common? its what we eat.

              should add there is about 20lbs of burger left...
              Last edited by Vince; 03-15-2009, 09:08. Reason: burger added
              "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

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                hi vince! hey, nice job on the thread......lots of fun to read and a word picture that most of us can relate to. keep it up, AND good luck on your hunt(s).
                happy trails.


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                  Very funny to read, thanks for sharing... Do all wives/mothers act the same on this, man, it sure seems that way!


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                    That was illuminating, Vince. Nice read, .


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                      Nice story Vince.

                      My wife got a little upset while we were Christmas shopping a few months ago. I asked my three year old if he wanted the single shot 22 on the wall and he responded "I need that for shoot animals." She rolled her eyes pretty good when she heard that.
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                        Do you sleep well after one of those "hands on the hips" conversations?

                        I wish you the best on filling up your freezer.
                        I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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                          I never really get this reaction, my wife may be disappointed if she is not going, but she is all about me getting out and hunting. It was one of my conditions on moving back to AK. Basically I wasn't going to move back if I wasn't able to go and do the things I love, most notably hunting followed somewhat distantly by fishing. If I was just going to hang around the house all of the time there are far cheaper places to live where I can afford a bigger house.


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                            Guess I'm lucky

                            quote: " Do all wives/mothers act the same on this, man, it sure seems that way! "

                            My wife actually tells me to go hunting! She is similar to Brian's wife, in that she can't stomach store bought meat. Luckily the in-laws raise a beef steer and a couple pigs every other year and give us half for our freezer to add to the wild game my wife twists my arm to go after. We also have a good friend that has a youngin that has an alergy to "meat", not able to eat beef, chicken, or pork - yet she can somehow digest wild game(moose&bear only). Our friend is unable to go hunting due to a disability so I get "told" by the wife to go hunting for them also. DARN THE LUCK!!!!!!:rolleyes:


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                              I think you've been reading to many North American Hunter mag.s Sound's like Jim Shockey, Good story tho. lol Where's Mungus?


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