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  • DG 475 Zachar Bay

    Never been to Kodiak before. Drew DG 475 Goat tag. I am curious when is the best time to get this done? I know that it is a delicate balance between trophy quality hair/cape and weather. I am thinking late Sept? Should I be thinking October? Is landing at the lakes possible in Oct? Any info will help me plan. I appreciate and welcome anyone's experience/advice.

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    FYI you need to call an air taxi and get booked yesterday!! You are probably out of luck at choosing your hunt time, now you will likely just have to take what is available. We were already booked w/ Seahawk as of about three days after the permits were released.


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      We went the middle of Sept to that unit. We were stuck in Kodiak for two days due to weather, which often happens that time of year. We had one decent weather day for hunting out of 5 after we finally got to one of the lakes, other days visibility was very restricted. There are three lakes up high you can get into within the unit, otherwise its the ocean. The latter you go, the more hunters will have been there before you and the farther the goats have been pushed from those lakes. Judging from my own limited experience, only 1 one of those lakes might be open the end of Sept, early Oct.


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        my wife and i went the first 6 days of the season several years ago... flew into lake 629 (or something like that) and climbed up to camp on the ridge. so foggy we couldn't see a thing up high all but one day... and that day we looked down at camp and it was flattened so we had to go back. turned out it was the wind, but we had to make sure it had not been destroyed by boo-boo.
        saw no deer, several bears that split as soon as they cut our scent, and did not get a goat. weather was heinous, fog, rain and a 70 kt typhoon...
        just a rock in the middle of the ocean....
        Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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          Go early!
          Wished I knew before my bud and I went at end of September.
          Gorgeous country.Fun hike.
          We went 629 lake.



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            I was with Jessman. Like he said go early to beat the crowds. The goats get pushed back from all the crowds. Also make sure that you take a machete with you it is a must. Also try to get an early flight into 629 lake to give your self enough time to get on top of the ridge. We had to spend the first night on the side of the hill in the rain. Sleeping at the bottom of a two man tent on the side of the hill is not fun, we know. There are pools of water up on the ridge, so water is not an issue. There are plenty of places to set up a tent on top. Once you are on top it is easy walking. In the past I shot a goat off of the road system on Sept 1st and the hair was in great shape so I donít think that the hair will be an issue early.

            I hope this gives you a better idea of the area. If you need any more info Pm me and I can give you my number. Good luck with your hunt. Again take a machete itís a must........


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              zacher goats

              I've hunted Zacher several times, depending on where they drop you off plan on a few hours of climbing to get into the goats, they are there though, hopefully you will have a good pilot who will be willing to fly you around a bit.

              My last hunt there was in October 2007 and we had two feet of snow up high and that was where the goats were at also. We had a lot of problems with brown bear being up high and killing the goats, there wasn't a lot of dear in there and the goats became the ready to eat meal they were after. You get a great cape in Oct. but the weather is more of a challenge. Once OCT. hits you'll be lucky to fly in high to any of the small lakes.

              I wish you luck on your hunt.



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                I have never huinted DG475, but from what I understand, the number of lakes to land on in this area is pretty limited for the number of permits that are given out.
                I would contact Sea Hawk Air for flight service, they are awesome.

                I have hunted DG474 and DG477 (twice) and I always hunt the last two weeks of the season. In 2007 I flew in Oct 15th and flew out Oct 22nd from a lake that is at the 1700ft elevation, with out any problem.
                Sure the weather is pretty nasty (or can be) but there is just no comparsion between an early Sept and a late Oct. goat. It's worth the weather. Bring good gear and plan enough time to deal with the weather and you will never regret it.
                Couple of points:
                • look at a bunch of mounts and pictures of early verses late goats
                • The area I like to hunt seems to have some winter migration movement that takes place in late Oct. Not an expert by any means, but we have caught billies walking flat ground between two specific ridge lines in late Oct. It seems like mostly Billies hangout on one ridge and mostly nanny groups hang out on the other, but in late Oct the billies start breaking away from each other and begin moving towards the nannies. All of this could be bogus, but so far we have made two trips and taken 3 billies, two of which were walking around the lake we landed on.
                And that's all I have to say about that


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                  Lake 629 looks like a mini airport @ the end of Sep. Planes constantly going in & out. By that I mean when the w/x is good you will see 1-3 planes coming in a day. The goats get pressured from the lower lake & 629 so they just go back & forth along the ridgeline that was talked about above. There are numerous places to camp on top. A lot of trash people have left up there as well.:mad: Most brown bears that I have seen on ADQ in a 20 min window above tree line. Had a show down w/ one & a guy in another camp lost his goat to a sow & 2 cubs. I drew the tag as well & there is no way I will be going back to lake 629. You will get a goat there but it is a bit wild w/ all the planes coming & going. I like my mtn trips more quite w/ less neighbors. If you decide to go early & beat the rush I would land on the third lake nestled in up high & give your self some time to get in & out. I like the long hair so I wait until Oct as well. Good luck.

                  P.S. there is a cut trail up to the top all ready. You just need to look for it rather than go tearing on up the mtn.


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                    You might want to look into hunting above Zachar Bay lodge. Your going to bave to bushwack from the ocean though as there is no way to get a plane up there. We hunted there, I believe it was 2006 and got into a big herd of about 35-40 goats, saw 5 brown bears in a week and quite a few deer too. We stayed at the lodge the day we arrived and again our last night out. It was nice having a shower and sleeping in a warm bed after a week long hunt on top. They will also take you across the bay to hunt deer for a small fee. If you decide to go this route, bring some extra food and some beer if you drink. We flew in with Kingfisher Aviation, their parents own the lodge which is an old cannery. Good luck.


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                      Thanks guys/gals

                      Dang, I love the way everyone shares info on this forum; good and bad. You've all given me tons of detail to start planning. ...taking it all into consideration. Any more advice is greatly appreciated.


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