Nonresidents- how much did your hunt cost?



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  • Nonresidents- how much did your hunt cost?

    Hi folks,

    We get a lot of questions about hunt planning, so I thought a thread on hunt costs for nonresidents would be good. So, here is the purpose of this thread:

    1. Nonresident, non-guided hunters only.
    2. When was your hunt? (year)
    3. What kind of hunt? (flyout, float, drop camp, road, ??)
    4. How much did you spend per person (include license, tags, meat processing... everything)

    Fire away!

    Michael Strahan
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    Alaska Hunt Consultant
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    07 drop bou hunt>> AK AIRLINES round trip, 7 days,per person = split air fare with in going party on the way out. at unit 26, 2 tags,1 wolf,wrights air,hunt planner,hotel,car rental 4 days,tag bags,tips,fairbanks fun,meat care,hide&horns
    no less than 4400 to 4700$$ tops -the MOUNTS at home
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      2004 Moose

      I came up and went on a 2004 fly in moose hunt followed by a fly in duck hunt out of Faibanks for under $1250.

      I don't think that my costs would be applicable today though. I used frequent flyer miles, shared fuel for the plane and food costs. Had my meat cut and frozen professionally. Got a break at the ticket counter for horn and meat shipment. Used UPSP and UPS to return my hunting gear and bow. Had use of a pickup to make it to the shuttle point for the float plane. I took my tipi and bag. Partner hunter had the rest of camping gear in fairbanks.

      Brother in law made same trip next year minus ducks for about 2K and my brother made the same trip in 06 and I believe his costs were around 2K. They had to purchase thier plane tix.

      Hiring a drop flight would add $1K to the price of those trips. Increase in baggage costs would add a couple hundred today.


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        Mike- I will answer for my friend that came up and hunted with me in 2006. These are pretty close numbers.

        Airfare from Indian to Alaska - used airmiles but was worth $750 most likely.
        Two nights hotel in Anchorage- one day on each end of the hunt.. $300
        Gas to Tok and back for my truck- $100
        Airfair with 40 Mile Air $1450
        Extra gear load $400
        Extra to fly out meat $800
        Meat processing $400 (sausage, burger) the rest I took care of.
        Meat shipping $300
        Horn mount and shipping $1000
        Total- $5500
        Successful hunt...priceless
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          Good idea Mike...

          I hunted last year, 2008. 7th of September through the 19th
          It was an unguided float hunt/fly out for moose.
          Hunting license- Already had fishing $85
          Moose tag $400
          Raft w/full set up including shipping $400
          Air from Idaho to small remote village $800
          My half of fly out to bush $1500
          2 nights hotel-1 each end- in anc $165
          1 night in small remote village $100
          Food- before, during and after $200
          Misc supplies(salt, bags, bullets,etc) $250
          New River/camping supplies $300
          Iridium phone rental $75
          Hunt planner $ask Mike
          Probably forgetting something..... $4275 plus H.P.
          Success(getting one) would likely have increased costs by about 25%

          I have now been on 3 Alaska hunts and I feel comfortable thatI could probably reduce expenses by about 25%, perhaps more if hunting with another experienced person.
          Nick Clegg
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          Usually in that order


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            2007 guided sheep hunt

            Guided sheep hunt 1x1 in 20A with fly in support by outfitter.

            7500. I booked this 2 years in advance with that price.
            425 + 85 for lincense and tag
            0 for airline ticket from Seattle. Used air miles.
            500 for tip.
            1200 for misc gear.
            250 misc expense

            Total: 9250

            I had the hunt of a lifetime, and was fortunate enough to get a really good price with a reputable outfitter.
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              I was up temporarily for work the summer of '05 - I managed a road-based moose hunt utilizing a canoe I brought up from down south and a backpack. $485 for license and tag, $25 for bigger folding saw (for skullcap), $50 for more/bigger meat bags. The rest of the equipment I had already. Processed meat at friend's house in Wasilla.

              $560 total, plus whatever else you spend on food and fuel and such.

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                2008 Moose Hunt

                We had 4 hunters in our group for a 2008 September moose hunt.
                Cost included the following per person:

                Misc New Gear $300
                Tags $485
                Food, supplies & misc bought in KY $200
                Commercial flight to Alaska used Frequent flier miles $0.00
                Extra bagage cost $100.
                First & last night in alaska town (2) per room $150
                Satellite phone rental & calls home $50
                Tents,raft, motor, misc equipment,salt rental $400
                Bush plane rental $920
                Misc meals, none listed items $125

                Total per man $2,730

                I killed a moose and had the following expenses:
                Donated meat in town $0.00
                Carried cape on plane as extra baggage $50
                Shipped antlers & some gear home $650
                68" moose mount $1200

                Total cost for me $4,595

                2005 caribou DIY flyout (3) hunters including (3)mounts $3,450 each

                2003 black bear DIY drive-in hunt rented car & place to stay (6) hunters
                (4) rugs $2,000each plus rugs


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                  May 2008 POW Bear Hunt (12 days):

                  Tags $310
                  Airfare and ferry: $800
                  Truck rental: $580
                  Skiff rental: $600
                  Gas: $200
                  Shipping Gear to/from: $120
                  Thermacell: $40
                  Baiting Supplies: $50

                  Total: $2700

                  This doesn't include shipping hide home or taxidermy fees. Also doesn't include food as I spent about the same amount as I would have at home. We took redeye flights both ways to avoid hotel costs.


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                    Forgot to add the $400 for my friend's tag.
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                      POW spring 2008, includes flight from Ohio, all expenses except taxidermy (includes getting cape/skull sent home) went with one guy, my cost, we split boat, truck and cabin, I spent $3500ish


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