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    Hey Guys,

    I am moving to alaska in may into the eagle river area and I cant wait to do some hunting up there. I fished the kenai last summer and could not believe the amount of sheep i saw around the cooper and russian lakes. I am not looking for any spots but I was just looking for a point in the right direction. I will be trailering my Avon Inflatable from NH, So I will have a boat. From searching older threads it looks like my best luck would to go to cordova and hunt by boat for a billy? It also looks like quite a few hunt Kodiak road system for goats? I noticed that Alaska has quite a few draw units for sheep and I did not know if there was any non draw walk in areas to hunt sheep? Back in NH we dont have a draw for bear or deer, I am a little confused on the regs what is a harvest hunt and a regrestration hunt? I am also a cert. Bow hunter so that may open a couple of opportunities for me as well. Any info at all would be great.


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    You won't have to worry for a year about hunting goats or sheep, you will still be a nonresident (unless you are military). Take the time to do research about areas, it'll take that long. Meanwhile there are plenty of black bear and caribou oppurtunities, even moose. Once you get your residency, there are drawing hunts for archery sheep that have decent draw rates, well as decent as they get.
    A harvest hunt is one that you buy tags over the counter for, or as a resident get the harvest ticket for those species that require one. There are two species residents need to actually buy a tag for, brown bear/grizzly and musk ox. Registration hunts require you to obtain a permit from the Department of Fish and Game or some limited locations. Sometimes there is a limit on the number of permits, sometimes not. Registration hunts have specific borders of the hunt area and the hunt will close when the harvest goal is met (the number of animals taken).


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      As a way to get started with understanding the different types of hunts, read this thread posted by hunt_ak. It contains a lot of the info that you'll need.


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        Here is another

        Great post.
        Life is's alot tougher if you're stupid.


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          thanks for the info


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            The way I understand it, military in the first year are still not "residents" for the purpose of hunting and fishing licenses, but they do now pay the resident rates. Also, the one year wait for hunting sheep, goat and brown/grizz without a guide still applies. At least, that's my understanding of the regs.


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