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  • Fuel Canisters and Propane as Air Cargo

    I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the restrictions around shipping fuel canisters as air cargo. According to one of the cargo transports in town, it's ok to send propane cylinders but not fuel canisters. Both have DOT numbers on them: propane (DOT-39 NRC 232/290) and JetBoil (DOT-SP 12562) but I'm not sure what's the difference. I keep hearing that there are 3rd party fuel canisters that are approved for air cargo but haven't been able to find any information documenting this. I would appreciate any information on this topic as I would love to be able to ship a couple fuel canisters out to the bush for my fall hunt. Thanks in advance. Mike

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    My understanding...

    I called Northern Air Cargo (NAC), spoke to Steve about the same question for another thread.

    1. MSR fuel canisters are not approved for shipment by air cargo.

    2. Snow Peak (didnít have special permit number handy), and Primus (special permit DOT SP10677) cylinders are approved for shipping by air cargo. There might be others. Only canisters with special permits listed (website below) can be shipped by air cargo. If you donít have the DOT SP number, can search onliine, or bring canister to NAC (or other air cargo company) to check. If Steve at NAC is not there, then Mark Smith can help.

    3. To confirm special permit for your specific brand, go to website: http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/hazmat or
    http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/hazmat/regs/sp-a/special-permits/list or
    http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/staticfiles/PHMSA/SPA_App/OfferDocuments/SP10677_2006030078.pdf for info or to look up SP number.

    Any fuel shipment by air cargo requires hazmat fee, $30 and some paperwork. The $30 fee is per bill, so you want to ship all your hazmat materials at once.

    I'm quite new at this, but just relaying what I've found out so far. Others may know more, and I'll defer to them if they advise differently. One thing I don't know is whether you can get the fuel you need (or at least white gas) in the town you fly into, such as KOTZ or Bethel - at the Alaska Commercial store for instance - and so skip the whole hazmat fee/cargo loop. Seems like AC stores in September would be running out of fuel (and lighters) because all the hunters are buying stuff up. I don't know. Thought I might call the AC store or somebody at the destination sometime soon.

    Good luck.
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      white gas is pretty easy to come by in the bush. often your air taxi will get it for you if you ask.
      propane is available, but jetboil and snowpeak canisters are few and far between.
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