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Spring Bear hunt info-interior AK

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  • Spring Bear hunt info-interior AK

    I've never spent much time hunting bears, but before I leave here I would like to tag a black bear. I don't have an ATV right now so I think that may preclude me from setting up a decent bait station. So how else can I pursue blackies in or around interior AK? Is it feasible to spot and stalk them or perhaps develop a "mobile" baiting method; something that could perhaps be carried in a pack (sterno, a pot and molasses, honey etc)? Could I walk/stalk/still hunt any of the river valleys? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks all.

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    cooper landing, lots of great hiking trails, upper russian/cooper lakes. resurection creek trail, fuller lakes, skyline trail all would have some great areas for spring black bear from the highway, no need for bait, maybe a tent and some binos...3rd or 4th week of may. i'd lean towards upper russian/cooper.
    johnson trail is another.
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      i am going for a griz early april, at the upper russian lake trail. and if i stroll across a blckie i will nail him as well


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        spring bear

        Try along steese highway Go just past eagle summit mining roads to right and left drive up ro a ridge get out and hike along the tops looking down into the drainages. early a.m. and late p.m. If you come to a mining camp ask permission to drive through the may even point out good areas for you to look. Brian


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          You all have some great ideas. Thanks! This also confirms to me some of my previous ideas. Again, thanks all.


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            shot you a pm...
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              would the trail up to crescent lake be any good for hunting from? My two biggest goals this year are to catch a grayling and to shoot a bear. if the area up around crescent lake is good for hunting that might make it easy to do both.


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