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  • Kifru/Ti goat Stove

    I would like to by a 8man Kifru tent for my moose hunt this year but the more I research the tents it seems everyone likes the Ti Goat stoves better. I was just wondering if anyone knows if a Ti Goat stove fitts in a Kifru tent and if so which stove is the better buy the cylinder or the box stove. I would like to buy a large stove for my tent.

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    Take a look at the Four Dog stoves. They are pricey but well worth it. The Titanium Ultra Light series is what we used in a 12 man Kifaru tipi on our '06 moose hunt. The one thing about Four Dog stoves is they don't collapse like Kifaru and Ti stoves but everything, i.e., stove pipes, nests inside the stove. The stove has a longer burn time because it is not collapsable like Kifaru and Ti. It doesn't occupy as much space as you would think unless your backpacking with the stove. Many often leave their Kifaru and Ti assembled when floating because of the tediousness of breaking it apart and then setting it up again.
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