Kodiak Blacktail, Where?



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  • Kodiak Blacktail, Where?

    Ok guys, looking for some help here. I scowered all the past posts and have talked with several guys here on the AK Forum site.

    Looking for a name or names of decent alpine lakes for Blacktail. I've done allot of research here and have some good choices. Time of year would be late to early Sept archery hunt. I'm finding places , but really would like to stay away from lakes with Forest Service or lodge cabins, places were the boats are using or places with thick Alders were I have to worry about Bears. I'm sure most will not want to give up their honey hole place, but if you'd like to PM me , I'd sure be interested in what you have to offer. Thanks in advance. P.S I have talked with both Andrews and Seahawk so I'm looking for some of the off the path types of places.


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    alpinedeer hunt

    there is no way around bears. There are places where they are not even eating salmon, but berries and such in sept from 800-2000 feet.

    You will have to deal with bears, you will have to deal with alders, that is the personality of Kodiak


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      narrowed it down a little

      well your requirments certianly narrow down your choices. I know of a lake a Beaver can get into and out lite. Its some where along lat. 57 01 04 .93 can`t seem to remember the long. but last time I was there it had bucks and goats.


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        I know

        Yes I know I will see and deal with bears. This is not my first trip hunting on Kodiak. Done the boat hunt twice.


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