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Need help finding a transporter...

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  • Need help finding a transporter...

    I am looking for a charter service that runs the Ivishak and or the other rivers in the area for my wife, father, brother-in-law, and myself. I want to go on a caribou hunt up there in late August of 07' I talked to a gentleman that runs a charter service out of Willow, but I don't remember his name or the charter's name. Just looking at who to go with, and some info. on how to get ahold of them. Thanks so much in advance.

    Happy hunting...
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    Deadhorse, can't beat it

    I flew out on a solo musk ox hunt a couple of years ago to a dirt strip along the Ivashak. I do not recall the name of the transporter, but they are located about one block south east of the Prudhoe Bay Hotel. He flew me out in a Cessna 207 on tundra tires and knows the area very well.
    I saw the largest caribou ever on this hunt. He is still there as I was after different game. It was a great hunt and I saw lots of wolves amongst the many caribou and musk ox.
    When I get home tonight I will pull the photo album out and try to figure out the name of the outfit for you. Good luck, Kevin.
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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      Thanks for the post...kind of blown away that hardly anyone knows of any charter operators that run up there. I am really hoping for an air boat, but I really appreciate the info. on the fly in. If the price is right, I will go this route. Thanks again...

      If you need any info. on hunting in Arizona for elk let me know and I will PM you. I am an AZ native and know some hot spots I've been hunting for years. I help out if I can when given help...

      Happy hunting...


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        Originally posted by AZinAK View Post
        . I am really hoping for an air boat, but I really appreciate the info. on the fly in.
        The only guy that was doing drop off's up there that I know of with airboats was Gold Rush Adventures
        Here is the link


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          I'm wanting to do a float trip down the Ivishak probably around late august. I'd like to be dropped off at the head waters and then float down to the Dalton Highway.
          Anybody know of someone who has done this?
          Anybody know of a outfit that would fly a couple guys and a raft in? I'm having a hard time finding charters that fly that area.


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            Closest carrier would probably be: Coyote air,
            out of Coldfoot. Hope this helps...Louis
            Louis Knapp


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