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    Well i bought my two first alaska hunting books hoping to learn some tips from them and so far have not been happy with them.

    Here is my first thought of A Complete Guide toFloat Hunting Alaska by Larry Bartlett. I am not trying to bash this book by any means but here is my 2 cents. well I am trying to figure out the best raft to buy in the spring season for fishing and hunting. so i bought this book and read it front to back. First of all was not looking for an exact spot but more of techniques used so i have some general knowlege of float hunting. this book does not talk about inflatable boat selection nearly enough. it gave me no insight on what was out there besides rafts and catarafts. there were a bunch of interisting facts though and the one that caught my attention the most were about the bull caribou will drink in large quantities the cow's urine... wow and there would be the taste that everyone refers to after hunting a bull during the rut. haha

    i read it and im sure i will read it again in the years to come but it is not what i expected. i did like how much he talked about each species and what their general habits are. for a second addition it just did not seem to be all that complete. larry has put extensive research and knowledge into this book and i am not saying it is a bad book by anymeans but it was not all about FLOAT hunting like i expected. really did not give me as much info on what to do while out there as i would like. i mean i am an alaskan hunter and i will be out there with my hunting partner in the seasons to come figuring it out myself so i dont want anyone to think im just looking to do some shooting.

    now im reading Moose Hunting in alaska, the secret to success by Rich Hackenberg but im only 100 pages into it so before i put in my 2 cents i would like to finish reading it. so far all he has talked about is the success he has had with all of his hunts. and i can definately tell he favors his .375

    but my main point was that i would like to see what other books about alaska hunting should i read. i am interested in all species in alaska and just want to learn about them. so anybooks would be great thanks and sorry if i upset someone with my thoughts. vance
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    I haven't read Larry Bartlett's or Rich Hackenberg's book you mentioned, but I would recommend using the library to check books out, and purchase the ones you like. I have gone through about 20 books myself, and purchased two based on my preference. Had I spent themoney on half of the books, it would have been a disappointing purchase. I do recomend Christopher Batin's Hunting In Alaska: A Comprehensive Guide. I found it to be one of the best all in one resources, and then I would add supplemental resources form there. Title wave ( has used copies for about 15 bucks a piece, and they ship for free inside Alaska.
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      Free books?

      Vance, somthing you might consider. Join you public library,most have a free search service, inter library loan service.Or for a small postage fee,will search all over the US for the title's you want. I know, use this all the time, this way you won't be buyng books you don't want or need. Iv'e recieved them from TEXAS, ALASKA, all over the US ,never have been charged anything yet and I live in NY!!I guess that I pay for this in my taxes anyway.Bill.
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        I've read quite a few books about hunting Alaska but I haven't read Bartlett's book yet, its on my list though. Tomorrow I'll post some good books I've read about Alaska hunting.

        Hackenburg's (sp) book sucks. It's like something one of us would write; actually I wouldn't sign my name to that stuff.



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          I agree, I didn't like his book or his writing style either. I thought buying his book would give me some perspective on how to hunt moose, but it was just a bunch of his hunting stories put in a book. I've got Larry's Float hunting book, the second edition and I thought it was pretty good, lots of different info in there. I've also read Marc Taylor's second book "Soul of the hunt", it helped me appreciate the whole aspect of hunting and why we love it so much. I also like Chris Batin's book, tons of useful info for anyone looking to hunt Alaska.


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            akprideinvegas --

            i haven't read larry's book but in my limited dealings with him i'm sure if you call him he will be more than happy to assist on boat selection.

            i have rich's book too and, to be honest, i really am not impressed.

            as for my library of 10 or so books for hunting in alaska that i've put together - here are the one's i think that are good reads:

            Hunting in Alaska - A Comprehensive Guide by Chris Batin

            Hunt Alaska Now by Dennis Confer

            Sheeping Hunting in Alaska by Tony Russ

            Hunting Hard...In Alaska! by Marc Taylor
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