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  • Looking for guided sheep hunt

    My son was looking to relocate to Alaska,that has changed now.I know the best Sheep Hunting is in the Draw units,but i wasnt able to put in for 2009.
    I will be putting in for 2010.I want to put together a hunt for 2010 ethier way if its worth it.
    With that said,if i dont draw a tag,is it worth going guided in a non draw area,Do i have a good,bad, poor chance at a Sheep or will i get burned? I will only get one shot at this because of the high non resident cost[I wont get into that argument] so....
    If i do go who would be recommended or even who do i stay away from?
    If you guys think whach out for so and so you can PM me.Thanks

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    listening to the BOG meeting and public testimony, if the guides have their way, you will have a better chance then those that live here.
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    meet on face book here


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      fullcry- Send a PM to FALCON. He had a good non-resident sheep hunt and could give you some advice.
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        I sent you a PM


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          say what?

          Interesting responces, none of them.
          Perhaps you should start over. Ask the same/similar question in a new thread.
          Full moon?
          Random bad luck?
          Intoxicants by the forum members
          Never saw so many weird responces in a seemingly simply thread question, only your 2nd thread started.
          Post #17 is not normal.
          I'll PM you again with some useful info.

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            Do you have any feeling for what mountain range you want to hunt, or what type of hunt you want to do - backpack, horses, etc? There are plenty of good guides around you just need to help us narrow down the search for you.


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              Some of Alaska's best dall sheep hunting is outside of the draw area's, so yes, you can have outstanding hunt in the "open" units.

              You should have a great chance at harvesting a ram, do your research/homework, contact AK state bio's and references of the guides that your interested in hunting with. You may get burned, do your homework and you should have a great hunt.

              You need to also remember that your not buying a sheep, your paying for a sheep hunt and you can end up with an unfilled tag, but still have a great hunt. Remember that most guides want you to go home with your trophy and some great memories, but some times it just doesn't work.

              You also need to give serious thought as to what type of hunt you want (super cub, horseback, walk-in ect), the geographic area (also ties into what kind of terrain you can handle mentally,physically) and horn type/size of ram your looking for. Also your chances of success can be greatly increased if your in excellent physical conditioning.

              You'll be very hard pressed to find a better Sheep guide than Todd Walton with Alaska Big Game Safaris.

              Give BRNBR a call too, from what he's posted it looks like he does a good job.

              Good luck!


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                Alaska,your right i havn't posted much in the past.But i have been on this forum alot and have enjoyed listening.As a Non-Resident i havent felt qualified to respond to a lot of the issues Alaska is facing.Alaska is on the same path as the rest of the Western states and unfortunatly opportunity is going to be further limited for you guys.
                I did spent half the night going through every post i fiound that deals with sheep.
                I agree the love is in the hunt.With that said,It isnt just trying to justify the HUGE cost involved,the bottom line is every one wants to be succesful.Its always a lot longer to get home if you dont finish the job if you know what i mean.
                After reading the posts from this thread[The ones i could comprehend anyway]I obviously have a lot more to think about before i book.Thats for the different perspectives guys i appriciate it.As a guide myself if any one has questions on hunts in the lower states maybe i can help...


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                  Fullcry sent pm


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