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    I just got off the phone with Cabelas. I had left the Compression Pod of my Rifle/Bow pack at my unattended hunting camp for a week, and it was stolen. It was inside my Kelty external backpack and some lowlife stole my entire pack and all of the contents. Nothing else was missing.

    Anyway, Cabelas is sending me a replacement at no charge. Not even shipping!!! Now is that awesome or what!

    I think I know who I am going to spend about $3,000.00 with to replace my stolen gear when my homeowners check arrives.

    Mike S.

    P.S. Times have sure changed. This was a very expensive lesson and I will not make the same mistake twice.

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    Sorry to hear about the theft of your gear Mike. But I am happy to hear what Cabelas is doing for you!!! That is unbelievible!!! Thought I had a good Cabelas story but you beat me.

    I had a pair of their brushbuster waders and I tore a hole in them while walking in a river on a submerged tree. The hip boots were three years old and I didn't have a receipt but I boxed them up and sent them to Cabelas with a letter about what happened and they sent a brand new pair no questions asked a couple weeks later in the mail.

    Needless to say I buy everything for my outdoor needs from Cabelas.
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      I'm with you guys!

      First off, sorry about the stolen goods mike...that always hurts.

      Can't say enough good stuff about Cabelas. I am normally not a "big company" consumer, but their service is second to none. They let me purchase $8,000 worth of optics last month to "try out" and then let me return every cent worth! When I eventually decide on what I can bet on who I will buy from!


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        Been using Cabela's for quite a while. If you are a regular customer, get one of their credit cards. Good reward program and you will garner yourself some great gear as a payoff. SeaULater


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          I bought 2500 worth of new gear from them last fall. One item is a 300 polartec coat (military ops one) great coat but the zipper crapped out on it this winter. No receipt so I figured I would be hosed, but, maybe I will give them a call! Thanks for the good news and sorry to hear about the low lifer who stole your stuff, been there, it suck's.


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            here, here for good customer service

            Bought a pair of ak guide bino's. During my first hunt the front lens cover's screw came loose and I lost the front covers. Anyway, I called and they told me it would take a day or so to track them down and they would then let me know what it was going to take. A few days later I had a new set of covers... NO charge, no paper work... Nothing.. they just showed up in my mailbox here in Anchorage. That is awesome!


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