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    Don't know how many people saw it, but last night on the Outdoors channel they had a black bear hunt out of Homer with Ninilchik Charters. One of the hosts of the show shot at three different bears for a total of 5 shots, and never even touched one. One shot that looked to be at about 100 yards or less with a rock steady rest hit the ground completely behind the bear and low. It made me sick to watch, let alone putting it on the air!!! Much like the Cabelas hunt with the moose and bear that was discussed earlier. Do you think footage like this gives a bad name to hunting? It doesn't seem ethical to me to continue to hunt if your rifle is that far off target, or if you are that far off target. It's a good think he didn't hit one because the chances of a kill shot didnt' look good.
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    I watched it and was surprised. I saw it coming on in the directtv listings and was looking forward to the show. We've fished with Mike Flores and Nilinilchik charters before we bought our own boats and he is a great guy. The show was pretty disappointing to say the least. I saw one sure miss, into the rocks, but I don't know if the others left wounded bears running around. I know the bear my wife shot this spring didn't bleed a single bit until we started to move it. She had shot it right thru the heart and all the blood was in the chest cavity.

    Hey, they were having a great time though. (Unforutantely)


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      The Outdoor Channel

      Originally posted by blackfoot
      Do you think footage like this gives a bad name to hunting?
      The Outdoor Channel in general gives a bad name to hunting!

      Mark Richards


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        Outdoor Channel

        Yes and no, Bushrat. Its like anything else, there are good eggs and some not so good. I've seen O.C. shows that were the epitome of solid ethics and fair chase (imho), and others that were defintely lacking.

        I saw the show in question here, and I have to agree with Blackfoot. I was wondering what in the world that fella was doing shooting at any live animal with his shooting skills...or lack of. He just kept shooting and missing. I was cringing at the thought of a gut shot black bear the whole time.
        It was a bad show for hunting overall.

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          just my thoughts

          I guess thats why its called hunting, not killing. I have heard of hunters missing grizzlies at 30 yards, then killing at 100. Good possiblity that the scoped was knocked off course, most guides require a hunter to sight in before they head out to a spike camp. I was on a sheep hunt where we had 2 hunters and 2 legal rams in front of us, they flip a coin and the guy who wins the toss gets ready and doesn't give his buddy a chance to get in position for a shot. The first guy shoots and hits his ram, the second ram takes off, then comes back, second hunter shoots and misses. I guess it was the excitement of the moment. The first hunter hit his sheep in the spine, 2 inches from being a clean miss. We get the second hunter on another good sheep, we climbed all day, he shot the sheep in the face, guide put the animal down. You would think that after spending 10K that hunters would be prepared, but some aren't. I guess in the end I think we should be grateful that TV has hunting shows on, I am sure that soon they to may go away. I also saw a austrian shoot 12 times at a caribou that couldn't figure out which direction to run away from us because the wind was swirling so bad, the hunters scope had blown off of his barrel, but we didn't see this til after he was done shooting.


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            We have all missed at one time or another. The thing that bothered me about the show is he kept missing and never did it show him checking the zero of his rifle or even address why he was missing. I think it is our responsibility as hunters to make sure our equipment is in the condition it needs to be to kill an animal quickly. I also think it should be the responsibility of the producers of the show to address the situation in some way, not just show what seemed like a "trigger happy hillbilly in the woods shooting at everything that moves". The quotes are for the antis that I'm sure had that response if they saw the show.
            "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."


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