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  • Alaska at Midwest hunting shows

    I just finished the Chicago and Indianapolis hunting shows where I was on stage everyday talking about my time solo hunting Alaska. Thought folks here might like to hear what people in the lower 48 are saying about hunting in your state.

    First, the Chicago show was a disappointment. Not very well attended. The Indy show was massive, however. It is the largest outdoor consumer show in the country with more than 200,000 attendees. The attendance there was a good sign that hunters are still out there dreaming about hunting Alaska. I talked about AK nonstop, and even met a couple people from this site there. Since I do not guide or outfit, I made 1000's of referrals to AK residents I have befriended over the past decade. I also told everyone to check out this site for lots of inside information.

    I will be interested to see how the upcoming hunting season goes for those of you who make a living helping hunters. Many of the people I talked to said they made tentative plans to hunt AK this year, but are going to wait until the last minute to decide if they can afford to follow through.

    I'll be back to spend my usual 3 or 4 weeks in AK next fall, regardless. For those of you making a living helping hunters, I hope all of your clients do the same.

    Don Mulligan

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    Do you have a show schedule available? Do you get in Mi at all?

    thanks Jeff


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      I'm done for the year. I only do a couple shows a year. I may be in Reno next year at the SCI convention, but that isn't until next January.

      You can read a bunch of my stuff online at Just search Don Mulligan

      Thanks for asking.

      Don Mulligan


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