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  • Spring Black Bear

    I am going to try to squeeze in an extra Alaska hunt this year. I have wore the arcives out and still can't make up my mind when and where to go. I am thinking POW or maybe Drive out of Anchorage. I am trying to do this as cheap as I can. Any ideas?

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    If you want cheap, do a road-based hunt out of Anchorage. In the spring you can find the bears feeding on the first green shoots of the year (although baiting leads to higher success rates...maybe you can hook up with a local hunter to sit on their bait site with them).

    If you want a big bear, go to POW. I've never hunted down there, so I can't give you the specifics, but I know that the average bear in SE Alaska is larger due to better food availability (salmon) and a longer growing season. That's not to say you can't take a nice bear out of Anchorage - 6 foot bears are not uncommon - but they just tend to be a bit nicer in SE. That being said, I would assume that a POW hunt would be more expensive.



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      Spring black bear hunt

      Thanks for your help. Not asking for anyones secret spot but which way would be best to head out of Anchorage and where would you camp? Time of year?


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        I would say mid to late May, head south into the Kenai mountains (anywhere between Portage and Cooper Landing), and find some roadside pull-outs or gravel pits to camp in. There are official Forest Service campgrounds that you can stay at, but I've never seen the need to pay for a campsite when there are millions of acres of free camping to be had.



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          Just a thought (not knowing anything about you)...but can you offer any kind of swap hunt. I would be happy to take you out for spring bear at minimal just might cost you a TX whitetail and a hog though!

          Let me know...


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            swap hunt

            AK, I had already thought about offering that. We have really good whitetail hunting (hogs are everywhere). The problem is we lease the hunting rights on the property we hunt. The rules are that know one can bring a guest. I tried to figure a way around it but can't. It;s a good rule but it would be nice sometime. I just got back from there this morning. I got a nice 8 point with my bow. wide spread. There was a 10 point also but the 8 was bigger.


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              me too.....

              Looks like my much belated take off date for Alaska is the first week in April. One of the first things I would like to do is start putting meat in the freezer for next winter and Black Bear season is the best option.
              If anybody wants to get together and do some hunting please write! I'll be settling primarily in the Wasilla/Palmer area but I plan on taking a bit of a vacation before getting settled into the daily grind.
              I would love to do a spot and stalk hunt. As of next year I plan on posting pics of my hunting adventures on this site!!!

              ciao ya'll...

              "SUA SPONTE"
              "Illigitmati non Carborundum"

              I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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