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Meat processor in Kotzebue?

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  • Meat processor in Kotzebue?

    I know I asked the qustion about meat storage but what about someone that will cut and package the meat for me. Is there a processor around. I am bringing up 2 freezers in my trailer and leaving it in Fairbanks. But I need someone to cut and wrap or store it till I get back to Kotz. I really dont want to donate my meat to charity I would like to bring it back with me.

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    There are no processesors I know of in Kotzebue. Nor freezers, 'cept the airlines.

    Everybody there just cuts their own meat.
    Its fairly easy , and you can do a Caribou in about 2 hours if your slow.
    The local stores stock freezer paper, tape and such.
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      All you have to do is ship it NAC to Anchorage, just don't fly back into Kotz on the weekend and you can get your meat right out. I do it every year, it is easy. Some! Will even pick it up at NAC. Check Indian Valley and Alaska Sausage, not necessary in that order


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