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small boat, mainland deer hunting

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  • small boat, mainland deer hunting

    Does anyone have any experience deer hunting out of whitter. By that i mean in that main bay. i've talked with people but most of them did it in november or later when the snow pushed them down. I'm in a 12 foot zodiac. I dont need advice about my choice of boat. If people can kayak in there i can use my boat. I only want to know about the deer hunting.

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    i've seen deer on elanor island i think its called. pretty close to whittier, long as your wind is right and your waves are not there.
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      I wouldn't recommend travelling anywhere in a zodiac or any small boat in PWS this time of year. You may get away with it for a while. Sooner or later, you will wish you weren't there. If you do it, plan on being out for an extended stay if necessary.


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        If people can kayak in there i can use my boat.!!!

        they kayak in the summer...mostly.
        can you eskimo roll in your zodiac?
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          what was the question?

          Lets see, you asked about hunting opportunities, not safety concerns.
          This is funny...
          unsolicited advice is what we do best here on the forum... lol
          Oh yeah,, I have no idea about hunting deer in this area..
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            I'v done a lot of work in the Aleutians useing inflateables. And not with a back up boat. From camp to the turnaround piont might be over 10 to 15 miles.
            And also been in seas that were higher then the the 15 foot boat was long.
            (would not recommend this for the fearfull) Also would recommend a sat phone. Point is there is a lot you can do in an inflateable I woulden't try in any other kind of boat of the same size. I've also had the boat filled with water and gear, two people ,and two 30 hp motors . And still stayed afloat. A 12 footer is a bit small .Just use your head. Don't go beyond fuel. make sure you have tools and repair gear for the inflateable.ect.ect.
            Also make sure you can still get to your boat when the tides in. We always pulled ours up above high tide when we were not around for awhile.
            Another trick was, we always had a survival suit on shore just in case we had to float out to our boat. A good anchor an some long rope. And you won't lose your ride home. And just thought I'd add if there are breakers don't go in. That takes a lot of experience ( AND EVEN MORE LUCK)that I would guess most people don't have. Man those were some awesome times.
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