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    I have been using 180gr Core Lokts and they do a good job on Blacktail. However, every time I go to Kodiak I see bear and sometimes they are fairly close. My question is, would Barnes X be the better choice for hunting deer on Kodiak keeping in mind the potential for bear problems? I have no interest in shooting a bear but if the need arises I want to feel comfortable knowing that the bullet will do what it needs to do. The reason I hesitate with the Barnes X is that I'm a little concerned about how the bullet will perform against deer. Will it expand adequately or just put a pencil hole through the animal? I'd appreciate some input.

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    The Barnes X bullets will expand down to about 1600 FPS. That doesn't mean they will expand completely, just that they will have at least some sort of expansion down to that velocity. Some people swear by them and some swear at them. I swear at them.


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      X looks good


      I share your desire for a top-notch bullet when our quarry is in brown bear country. The tests I've seen/read on the Barnes X suggest they're quicker to expand than the FailSafes I've been shooting in 180 gr, and do so down to lower velocities.

      My FailSafes expand quite nicely on (or, rather, in) SE blacktails. I've shot them as far out as 150-175 yards.

      So the Barnes X should do you fine. On those rare days I can get to the range, I'm working up the 180gr. Barnes TripleShocks for my 30-06.


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        barnes triple shocks

        I am totally sold on the barnes triple shocks. Use them in my .300wsm and the .375 ultra mag. I don't think there is a better bullet made. Very accurate also.


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          I use Barns TS in both my ackley .280 and .416 rem.Awesome bullet!


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            barnes rock

            Here is a 4 brow-tiner who went only 20 yards after being hit with a barnes x from............. a .270 the bullet performed perfect and ended up in the far side hide. i was really nervous about using a .270 but it did the trick. i also downed a caribou with it and it also worked like a champ. pencil sized hole or not, a hole through the engine room always works.
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              Could you give some more details on that .270 performance: distance? penentration (did it go through a shoulder or just ribs/heart/lung area?




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                I think the Barnes TS is the best bullet out there. Others may do as well but none do it better.
                Plus they are not that expensive. I would recommend them for your Kodiak hunting. They are what we use when we go there.


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                  I love the TSX by barnes. I dropped my cow moose in her tracks with a 300 RUM. I shot her at about 140 yards, hit one rib on the entry side and the bullet was under the skin on the other side. There was no lungs left, just coffee grinds. Now, if she wouldn't have gone down, I don't know if there would have been much of a blood trail to follow since the entry wound was just the size of the bullet. I will be using the barnes in future hunts. BTW, I was using the 180 grain bullets.


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                    I hit him at about 100 yards. He wouldn't give me a broadside shot so when he turned his head i went for the "magic neck shot". I usually shoot all of my critters through the engine room but I have heard so much about the neck shot I thought I'd give it a try. Well I hit him in the neck square and he just turned i hit him again. The second shot went right behind the shoulder. It went a little too tight behind the shoulder and got a little bit of the shoulder meat. It went through 2 ribs and stopped just before the hide on the far side. The animal went about 20 yards and dropped dead. After skinning and cutting meat we found that the "magic neck shot" failed to hit anything vital and completely passed through. The kill shot weighed in at 150 g. on the start of its journey and came to rest weighing 140 g. One of the petals broke off. The amount of tissue damage was obviously sufficient. I would only advise the .270 with a good hard bullet at short to medium range with a rifle you can shoot confidently. Or in my case, if it is all you can afford


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                      I think they're a fine bullet, but I don't use them on animals like deer (or my first antelope this year). I've used one on two pigs, and I was thankful I had them. (They are like a Sherman tank!)

                      Why not a Swift A-frame, Woodleigh or heavy Partition?


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                        I have shot the TSX out of my 300 wsm and they are very accurate with an extremely clean barrel has been my experience. Took a spike fork this year from 250 yard with a nosler partition 180 gr loaded with 61 gr of IMR 4350. Put it through his heart and he went about 3 feet. Dont know what the bullet looked like as it passed through him. 5 minutes later a cow stepped out and my buddy shot her (with a cow tag) with the same rifle. He left his at the boat. Full pass through and she went about 30 yards before expiring. I know quite a few people who like the TSX but I swear by the partition!


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                          I have used a lot of different bullets on deer Noslers Partitions, Siroccos, A-Frames, Cor-Locís, Fail Safes. All of them will kill the deer just fine. Your questions boils down to what do you want to turn on a bear. I am assuming you are shooting a 300 WIN or WSM with a 180 grain. In my OPINION (and that is all that any of us are offering) any quality bullet will do the job, The key is if you can connect quickly and under pressure. You should ask John S and read his post on a bear charge. I donít recall what rifle he was using but it did the job just fine. Just my $0.02

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                            Barnes X

                            I use the 225 grain in my .338. I have hunted Kodiak many years filling my tags each year. The bullet has never just punched a small hole and left the deer standing. I've taken long shots, short shots; have done head shots, neck shots, and heart and lung shots. I have yet to see them not perform. Some have stopped at the skin and some have gone through leaving a rather large exit hole. I have never lost a deer with this combination. So with what I've experienced with the bullet, I would say you can feel comfortable with your choice.

                            I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy the hunt.
                            Adak Caribou Hunts


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                              200 grain accubond out of a 325 wsm into bull mooses hump at 350 yds. Broke the spine, dropped him, recovered bullet under hide. Perfect mushroom. Haven't weighed it yet but will eventually. I have heard mixed reviews about the accubonds. In this case this time it did it's job.
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