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  • AFG&G Goat Identification Quiz

    The above link will download a pdf to your computer for the digital version of a goat sex identification quiz that Fish and Game just recently produced. Since we recently had a lot of interest in this topic, I figured many would like to look through this to practice their skills before heading afield this coming fall.

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    Also available on paper at many ADF&G offices. I've got the newsprint version kicking around the living room...


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      Talked with ADF&G before I submitted my proposal. At this time they mentioned that they were working on a poster that would assist hunters, but when I mentioned that Utah has a test online they mentioned it would cost too much and it wasn't needed?

      Glad to see they changed there mind.



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        I find the goats easier to id then sheep.. i only got 1 wrong on that test..

        uhh... sticky btw... plz
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          Thanks for the post, looks like they did a good job


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            Great post

            Thanks for the post. I feel pretty good about that test. I only missed 1. Its great that game and fish finally came up with something else besides the poster. I would like to see something like montana's griz/black bear test though. You have to take the test and pass to get the certificate to hunt. Hillbilly


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              I missed a couple of the juvenile animals and one where the pic was fairly fuzzy. I wouldn't have pulled the trigger on any of those, though, so I felt pretty good about it. Even better, my wife got all of them but one, and she's the one with the permit this year!


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                i wanna know

                i wanna know if the goat in question number 9 is still around and where exactly he is, thats a huge billy
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                  I missed more than a couple but like Brian I wouldn't have shot any of the ones I missed.


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                    Same here

                    I did not read any of the material, scrolled through and answered very quickly. Missed 2, but I would not have considered any of the goats I missed.


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                      Great Post

                      I sent a couple of pictures into the email address listed in the quiz and got a quick response from Kristen. She is going to use some of the pictures I sent her in the next edition. Sounds like she is looking for more.


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                        Good Reference

                        Thanks, Brian. That was a good test. I'll have to keep it in mind prior to the August opening date. Appreciate the information.



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                          This is great. I'll take a copy of this with me to look at before we head out on the hunt. Every little bit helps & I even taught my wife & thing or two lastnight about goats (like I'm the expert)...we enjoyed looking at it together.

                          Thanks for sharing!


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                            That was fun

                            And informative. I missed a bunch, but that's ok. I figure most I could not have shot with a bow anyway. They sure are pretty animals, and some gorgeous country to boot.
                            Now If I could just get on top of the mountain as easy as it was in the test!


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                              I gotta say, that was pretty cool. I could see where that would help alot of people out.
                              Ryan from Wasilla


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