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  • Haul Road report

    Went up fri and didnt see a thing! Made it to north of ps 2 and set up camp. Next morning we saw about 5 on the side of the road and decided to not chase them across AK. Smaller groups up there. Alot of animals across the sag staging up on the ridges may come over real soon. It's still warm without much snow, I would wait a few more weeks before going. Did see a group of about 200 around the runway area near happy valley. Cant miss them just look for the trucks! Take small game heads!!!! Saw a ton of Fox and Ptarmigan. Must have seen about 40-50 and about a dozen artic fox. Good huntin!

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    I would think that PS2 it too far north for the 'bou, except for a few stragglers, at this time of year. I was up there a month ago and they were much closer to the Solid Waste Transfer Station. By now, they should be near Galbraith. This could be part of the reason why you didn't see so many.
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      Haul Road

      We were up around PS2 last week Tues-Sat. Weather was a problem (foggy). Animals were far and few in between, took a nice cow about 1 1/2 miles off the road. On the drive back down, we did not see many. As we know, both can change over night.


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        bou numbers

        We were up there over the weekend and saw a decent number of caribou as far north as 5-10 miles north of PS 2. Heading back home we saw good numbers around happy valley and the ice cut. All the ones we saw were a good ways off the road.


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          caribou north of ps2

          I was up there hunting oct.3 thru 6th. Drove all over, (except on the tundra) and saw most of the bou north of ps2 on the ridges on the east side of the Sag River. Tryed to cross the Sag without waders or a tube, got about belly button deep and only 15 yards to go and it was getting deeper so I had to abort that crossing. Seems to me on the other side of the river there is bluffs and brush to help conceal yourself for the stock. We did half a dozen stocks on the flat tundra only to get winded or spotted within 300 yards or so. What do most of you flat lander killers do to get close to these bou up north as far as stocking to within range with no hills or brush for concealment. We belly crawled for hundreds of yards to get only 300 yards and busted. Interested on other peoples stocking secrets.


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            my stocking secret

            is to keep the fridge well "stocked".

            my stalking secret is to keep quiet and downwind.


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