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  • float hunting in kodiak?

    Allright guys, I would love to be able to hunt with a great guide like the sponser of this forum. But the truth is that I can't afford it. I would like to take my dad to kodiak and kill a road system buck... but I was curious if its possible to take a boat up one of the local rivers and hunt that way? My dad has a 16' river boat... and I was curious if its a good idea to run up a local river and drift hunt for deer. Any ideas? It really bugs the blankety blank outta me that it takes a few thousand dollers to hunt deer in alaska.. I understand why it would cost so much.. the price of diesal and all... but I am trying to track down the least expensive way to kill deer here in alaska. I work for an air cargo company.... so i get discounts on air fare to kodiak.... or we can take the ferry. I have read many many many posts already on this forum.. and honestly they haven't told me a whole lot on this subject... so please don't just refer me to former posts.

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    Your plan to use a riverboat to hunt deer on Kodiak is not a good one. Some good hunting can be had by walking in from the road system.

    Have you looked into deer hunting in PWS or SE?


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      What month were you planning on coming?


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        you could walk up the middle of most all the road system rivers... But that all depends on water levels and those will change over night. might get flooded out or might end up drying up.
        For road system deer, your forkin' out some dough and time for one deer.
        I'd just take a truck down, drive out the south road system and start glassing the tops of the mountians and ridges..deer numbers aren't as good as there were just a couple years ago but there are still deer there for sure! sept or oct the deer will still be high and make finding them much easier, they like the tundra/alpine looking stuff up near the tops.
        Climbing most those ridges and hills ain't the easiest deal..grass is like quicksand and blackberry bushes or whatever they are, are sometimes so thick you'll fall over but never touch the ground, can be frustrating...but its very doable if you look around and glass the country good, you can scout routes up to the deer.
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          I was hoping to hunt early, say October at the latest. I know the hunting is supposed to be better later on... but I was hoping to sneak in a little salmon fishing. I have considered PWS and SE alaska but I haven't made calls yet pricing either boat or plane dropoffs, but I am thinking in the 800-1000 range. Correct me if I am wrong! I can get a cheap flight to Juneau.. but I really don't know where to go once I get there. Anyone know of any good books or reference material? I suppose I could just get off the plane and start walking lol... Thanks for the help guys, I really enjoy reading the good info on the forum here.


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            Most people start hunting here in October because the deer start to come down off the mountains more and more as the season rolls on. Personally I enjoy hunting the deer right when the season starts because there are less hunters to run into. Seems like most dont want to put in the work of hiking up the mountains when the deer are just going to come to them as the weather gets colder! Anyway, If you decide to come to kodiak you can hunt your one deer on the road system, then either get a ride, or rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle and take 3 more off the road system. Most outfitters with boats around here charge over $3,000 for their deer hunts and while I'm sure it's a great trip, those on a budget can still get off the road system without a boat. Last season I took a 4x4 on the road system at the end of August, and two does off road system in october. My buck in August was a very hard hunt with over 8 hours of hiking up and down the mountains. My trip off the road system was less exhausting but still required alot of walking. It seems like the deer population here on Kodiak is doing really good and is on the rise so you should hopefully have a good hunt. If you decide to come you can send me a PM and I can get you some good info on where to start.


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