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    i am planning a haul road for the fall season, any one have any words of wisdom and/or pictures to get an idea of what to expect?

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    Do a search for "haul road" and you should getting plenty of postings that will give you a great idea.


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      Just my thoughts

      Have made two trips, had a great time for each

      Figure out when you want to go, know your expecatations---prioritize, understand that it isnt a total slam dunk. Have a good vehicle with at least one spare. Know what the gas prices are up north---very expensive--they do take credit card. Dont sleep in your truck, get a good tent and camp out, always park your vehicle off the road in the pullouts---never blocking a gate---and never pull your vehicle into the tundra. If you are bowhunting---no your limits and take a quality rangefinder--and dont be surprised to see other hunters sneaking on the same bulls that you are trying to stalk. If you are a rifle hunter---get in the best shape of your life===and pray that you have mental toughness. As in anything, it is all of what you make of it, it is a poor mans bowhunt, take a good camera and a good attitude--and you wont regret going.


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        AOD Wiki

        We have our own wikipedia... there's a haul road link...



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          I will give you the very best piece of advice you will get from anyone:

          Good quality walking stick!


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