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Ak Hunting News: Game Board Axes Proposals; Considering Other Subsistence Changes

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  • Ak Hunting News: Game Board Axes Proposals; Considering Other Subsistence Changes

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    From the Anchorage Daily News (2 stories):

    Many, mostly Alaskans from rural parts of the state, told the Alaska Board of Game on Saturday not to change the way the regulations worked:

    "More than 50 Alaska Natives carried signs and walked the sidewalks through an early-morning drizzle Saturday in downtown Anchorage, protesting Board of Game proposals that would radically overhaul the popular Nelchina caribou hunt.

    Later, the wet-haired marchers shed rain jackets and stuffed themselves into a warm hotel conference room, testifying before the board that the proposals would take meat from their tables.

    The Game Board, in a special meeting expected to last through Monday, might end the controversial and highly restricted Tier II subsistence hunt in the Nelchina basin north and east of Anchorage."

    Read the entire story in the Anchorage Daily News >>>

    The following day, the Board rejected two proposals that would have changed the way the program worked:

    "The Board of Game on Sunday rejected two proposals that would alter the state subsistence program, said Kristy Tibbles, executive director.

    But board members today will take up other proposals that could give every Alaskan a shot at participating in the highly restricted Nelchina caribou hunt, she said.

    Board members, meeting in Anchorage today, have said they want to address complaints that the hunt restricts people younger than 38 and encourages applicants to lie to win permits. Many hunters also complain that not enough permits are awarded to meet demand."

    Read the entire story in the Anchorage Daily News >>>

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  • #2
    Can someone tell me where they got the 38 years old number from? I'm 28 and got a Nelchina permit this year (for the first time in many years), and NO, I did not lie on my application. I also have two siblings, ages 30 and 34 that were awarded permits as well.



    • #3
      i think the BOG has wigged out

      i hear on the news that they will now require permit holders to salvage the hide of moose and caribou ( tier2). who the hell uses a hide for anything useful nowadays? this hunt should be a draw permit.(period)


      • #4

        i think what they're referring to is the average age before people start qualifying. if you've lived here your entire life at 28, it probably would be different.


        • #5
          Well, right...but I heard on the news that it took life-long Alaskans 38 years until they qualify. It almost seemed like they were complaining about lying on the Tier II applications out of one side of their mouth while lying themselves out of the other side. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional, but in at least one news report this age deal wasn't represented truthfully.

          I am curious to hear about the hide salvage deal. If that's actually the case, does anyone know where the idea came from? Was this actually a proposal that was before the board? I'm not so sure that I see the wisdom in that one.



          • #6
            Well, I guess the rumor is true. According to KTUU, Tier II hunters will now be required to salvage the hide, heart, tongue, liver, & kidneys. In addition, they're scaling back from 3 to 2 permits per family. Apparently they'll also consider more restrictions in March such as restricting ATV use.

   how does this all shake out for you guys, both those who win Tier II permits and those who don't? As for me, I'm not vehemently opposed to the new restrictions, but I don't really see the benefit. I guess they're hoping that some people will decide that it's not worth the hassle, thus fewer people will apply. If fewer apply, then maybe we can get to the point where there is a drawing hunt as well. I don't know that I buy this logic, though - I don't think they'll see any reduction in applications. Dropping the family limit from 3 to 2 makes sense in order to create more opportunity, but the rest seems ill-informed.

            Am I wrong here? I'm up for learning...lay it on me!



            • #7
              I'M opposed to all of it

              the whole thing is stupid.

              what other state makes you:
              haul out hides, kidneys, heads, livers,etc.?

              what other state discriminates based on where you live, where you buy your groceries,etc?

              anywhere else (state) that has a shortage of whatever species has a draw based on a random drawing or a buildup of points so that you are favored if you don't get drawn.

              what will happen?

              we will have dumpsters full of hides,kidneys,heads, and tongues.

              it's just stupid, all of it.


              • #8

                I think they need to keep tier II. Its about time the old timers and rural Alaskans get something for their efforts. Increasing restrictions is fine with me, but would hurt the very people tier II is supposed to benefit, the old timers who need a wheeler to get around. Salvaging the organs and hide is okay as long as they find someone who wants them. I gave up eating most organ meats a few years ago for health reasons. Random drawings are bad as you dont get to hunt an area despite living there your whole life and some guy from out of state does. People who live up here, tough out the winters and pay taxes do deserve to hunt where they live.
                I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything, it has to do with how the day was spent. Fred Bear


                • #9
                  I've gotta admit that if I'm asked to bring out the hide (assuming I get a permit next year) that I don't see myself using it. If someone else wanted it, I'd be happy to oblige, but...

                  As for the other organs, well, I'm a biology teacher. Always happy to have more dissection specimens! (I'd eat the tongue, but don't have much interest in liver or kidneys.)



                  • #10
                    My dog will be eating some first class meat next year (tongue, heart, kidneys, liver, etc) if we receive permits and score.
                    This is the stupidest thing I ever heard of in my life. F&G must be on crack


                    • #11
                      I agree with sollybug. the tier 2 is a good thing, IF its managed right (especially through the application process). I have no problems letting rural residents have priority, then put a certain amount of tags in a draw for city folk. say 75/25. If they are not gonna manage it right, just make it a draw, that way noone has to


                      • #12
                        how about

                        if you think rural residents should have priority, why not sign over your perm. fund check to them as well? after all, they need it more than you. personally, i just don't see what rural residents have done that is so special as to classify them above me.


                        • #13
                          say what

                          "People who live up here, tough out the winters and pay taxes do deserve to hunt where they live."

                          yea, people like me.


                          • #14
                            sh, what I'm saying is that give it to the rurals. hell, the whole tier 2 is crooked anyways. last I checked tier 2 is supposed to be a subsistance hunt. I dont even put in for tier 2, I dont really hunt bou anymore for that matter. I just want a fair system. as for the perm fund check, its free money that I dont depend on and its just a matter of time anyway before the state finds a way to take it from us.

                            theres also the 40mile herd to hunt that doesnt require a fly-in. its a little bit up the road but its available. If people wouldnt have abused the crap out of the system, I would agree with you sh, but screw it, give it to the folks who live in the area.


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                              Originally posted by sh View Post
                              i hear on the news that they will now require permit holders to salvage the hide of moose and caribou ( tier2). who the hell uses a hide for anything useful nowadays?

                              Isn't that what Subsistance is all about. Waste not, want not. Customary and Traditional.

                              If you don't want the hide go to the nearest store and buy beef.

                              If it was to be done my way, they'ed be required to use sticks and stones in the C&T fashion.


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