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Licensed transporters, outfitters and Guides

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  • Licensed transporters, outfitters and Guides

    I'm doing a paper for a class of mine and was wondering if anyone knows were I can find out how many Transporters, Outfitters and Guides are currently working in the State of Alaska. A couple years back I remember had a link for guides, but also remember if you sent like $5 dollars to one of the state agencies they would send you a list. I dont need names, just the numbers.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Big Game Commercial Services Board

    Hi Terry,

    Go here:

    Then click on the left side on "List of Licensees"
    When you get to the next page, use the "Retrieve Data" part to download a list. I can't remember if you have to do each licensee data base (assistant guide, registered guide, transporter) separately or not, but that should get you what you want.

    Good luck,
    Mark Richards


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      The term "outfitter" is no longer applicable in Alaska. We have guides, and transporters. A registered guide may "outfit" hunts. A transporter may not provide services in the field.
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        Thanks, but

        Thanks for the information, but what now do you call poeple that rent gear but dont have anything to do with going to the field. Like the people that rent the rafts?

        Again Thanks for the info, Terry


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          What about Hunt Planners

          What category do they fit into?


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            Below is from the ADFG website, so I guess we just call the people who rent equipment a "business." Not sure, really, and don't know what category hunt-planners fall under of if they have to be licensed and regulated.

            Rental Equipment
            An increasing number of Alaska businesses provide boats, camping, hunting and fishing equipment on a rental basis. You can obtain information about these businesses from telephone yellow pages, from commercial hunting directories, and from some chambers of commerce.
            Mark Richards


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              I'd say bushrat is about right. Currently, rental biz and hunt planners are not regulated or licensed by the state. There are businesses who use the term "outfitter(s) in their name, but they are only legally able to provide equipment or services in towns or villages.
              I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
              I have less friends now!!


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                Un Licensed guides

                We also have a bunch of unlicensed guides in the state. 4-5 are caught every year for no license and busted.

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