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    Found nice firearm in Jim lake area. Please reply with description if it is yours and you would like to have it back.

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    found guns

    Just a suggestion and mostly my opinion.

    But guns are rarely lost... They usually have stories to tell and stories you'd likely not care to be a part of...

    I'd call my local star packer and turn it over...

    It ain't worth the headache!!!


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      Was it IN Jim Lake?


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        I know a guy who lost a side arm this year. But I really dont know how you loose something like a gun & dont know it.

        Anyway did what you find have a barrel, trigger & a sighting device on it
        if so its mine pm me I will tell you where to send it...........lol


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          I sold firearms for 21 years, I was always amazed at how many people lost guns. I remember one guy who lost two 25-06s in a row, both times he dropped them out of a home made scabbard he had on a snowmachine. I've had a couple of people tell me they fell out of scabbards on 4 wheelers, my own wife had an M1A fall out of hers, I noticed it was gone and we had to backtrack about a mile to find it. Lets see, setting it down on the trail and driving off without it, dropping it out of a boat, tipping over in boat etc etc.
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